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Feedback for Shulamite

Jan 10, 2009

    1. I'd like to have feedback for my sales and purchases with people here. I haven't sold on ebay in awhile but my husband and I have good ebay feedback together under "senormac".
      Thank you for your help :)
      Sheri McKinney
    2. Oh my goodness! Sheri is about the best you can ask for. She is a fabulous seamtress and has made my dolls some of the neatest outfits they've had. If you have any doubts about Sheri, you just contact ME... and you can also meet her on the roller rink, but watch out! She packs a mean wallop...heehee.

    3. Sheri has done some fantastic outfits for my dolls! Beautiful workmanship, attention to detail, choice fabrics - they don't come any better. You won't be disappointed at all.

    4. I've sold to Sheri a couple of times, and she was in my Minimmee GO. She's quick to pay, has great communication and is all around super to deal with.

    5. Sheri made a couple of rococo outfits for me and her workmanship is simply amazing! I highly recommend her.

      You rock girl!

    6. Sherri made me some rococo "panniers" that are just darling, custom colors that i chose. she is a "doll" to deal with, she made them quickly, and shipped promptly, and they were packed very carefully, highly recommended.
    7. Sherry is such a sweetheart to deal with. Always good communication and FAST payment! I would highly recommend her to everybody!
    8. Sheri made a corset and a pannier for me and she has done wonderful! Awesome communication and very skilled craftsmanship! I thank you very much! ! I highly recommend her.

      Thank you! <3
    9. I just purchased the most fantastic pannier from Sheri and I must say that the experience was a most pleasant one! She is very nice and professional, the pannier was very well made, the shipping was fast and communication was just excellent. I cannot wait to order more from her in the future! Thank you SO much Sheri!:)
    10. i can't recommend Sheri highly enough, this is my second commission from her, and i am thrilled beyond all imaginings with the final result. she is the most talented artist, who considers every tiny detail, and does not stop until she achieves perfection. you will be so pleased with your commission.
    11. Here I am AGAIN LOL with nothing but THE BEST to say about Sheri!! She just made for me the most beautiful black pannier ever and she was such a true pleasure to purchase from! She really went above and beyond with this and even included the sweetest little gift for me (even though she didn't have to!):) Sheri is just top notch all the way and I would recommend her to anyone!
    12. I met Sheri 5 years ago at a Tonner convention but both of us have moved on to BJDs. Sheri just completed a large commission for two of my dolls. Plus she was very patient in allowing me to make payments for the outfits. Great workmanship.

      You can't go wrong buying clothing from her. She is a very talented person.
    13. I bought a Vampire Elf Lishe on an AoD body offSheri - She proposed a very reasonable layaway payment and was quick to communicate. She was a pleasure to deal with and packaged up the doll perfectly!

      Thanks so much!
    14. I also cannot recommend Sheri highly enough!!! Her sewing skills are amazing!!
      She just purchased a pair of CP Delf hands from me - and paid super promptly too.
      She is an absolute delight to deal with!!!
      Robyn_in_WA :)
    15. Another wonderful review for Sheri. I purchased a Nahar from her on a layaway. And the whole process was perfect. She let me know when she recieved the payments, and even made conversation with me that made me very happy with the entire thing. She kept me updated on the progress of casting, and shipping. And when it came time to recieve the Nahar, she personally drove the horse to me and was so friendly and nice! I am just so impressed by the way she handles everything. Five stars to Sheri! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. *****
    16. Sheri is fantastic! She made my MiniFee boy some awesome Legolas boots out of real suede. Shipping was SUPER fast, and the quality and work is EXCELLENT!! She was also very nice to talk to and very responsive! Thank you Sheri!!!!! <3[​IMG]
    17. Shulamite bought a head from me and it was a perfect transaction! Absolutely a pleasure to deal with.
      Thank you very much!
    18. Sheri just completed and PERSONALLY delivered to me a custom Nahar that I've named Phantom.

      The detail is simply breathtaking. If you are considering adding a horse, you will be just as estatic with Sheri's work as I am.
    19. Hello,
      Shulamite bought a DollClans Vezeto head and a Dikadoll body from me, the experience was wonderful and went perfect, the communication with her was always great, she made the payment very fast, and was very kind letting me know when the package arrived to her. I absolutely recommend doing any transaction with Shulamite.
      Thanks so much dear :)