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Feedback for Sienimies

Jan 4, 2010

    1. I sold LittleFee Chiwoo Girl to Sienimies. She's an excellent buyer; nice communication, payment made as promised, let me know that Chiwoo arrived safely in her new home. Just a wonderful transaction, thanks so much. Wonderful person to deal with. :)
    2. I sold a Tan Aphan human head with a custom faceup to Sienimies. Great Communication and fast payment. She let me know when the head arrived. Thanks!
    3. Positive feedback! I sold an active-line MiniFee body to Sienimies. She is an admirable buyer and a wonderful person. Her payment was prompt and communication was fast and polite. She let me know when the purchase arrived safely to her. Dealing with her was a pleasure! Highly recommend!

      Thank you dear! :truffle
    4. Sienimies bought a MNF Ryeon head from me and everything went perfect.
      Fast payment and very good communication ^.^

      Great Buyer :chocoheart
    5. I had contacted Sienimies about a WTT she put up for her Juri '08 for a WS PKF Cupid. She told me she would consider the trade and get back to me. It has been 3 days and she never got back to me and continued to bump up the sales thread now saying she was looking for a NS PKF instead. I am sorry to say but considering how there was extremely poor communication I will not be willing to do business with this user in the future.
    6. Sienimies bought my mnf scarred breakway, she paid when she said she was going to and noted me as soon as it arrived. I'd easily deal with her again :) Thank you!
    7. sienimies bought a hoody from me, communication was excellent and payment was super fast i highly recommend sienimies
    8. Did a MNF trade with Sienimies. Everything went well, she shipped when we agreed. The doll was in the described condition and I am satisfied. Glad it worked out for both of us, thanks!
    9. Sienimies bought my SID NS Medium bust girl body. She paid fast, was very good in her PM, nice and clear and other then a simple error on Euro VS USD she did very well. I hope the body works well for her and the head she has planned for it matches in resin and size for neck. I look forward to seeing pics of the finished doll.
    10. I bought a migidoll Jina head from Sienimies. Everything went okay, great comunication and she send him out safely. when I got the package it was still intact and super safely wrapped in bubble wrap all over haha.
      I totally recommend her and I would buy from her again in a heartbeat! ^^
    11. Sienimies ordered a fur wig from me and was a delight to work with. Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and lovely all around. Definitely a great transaction, thank you!
    12. Sienimies contacted me about buying my Chiwoo face-plates, and after some discussion, she agreed on everything and said that she will pay on the following Monday. Monday came and she PM'd me saying she had to cancel the transaction due to some reasons.

      This is a flakey feedback, I will have to consider seriously before dealing with her again.
    13. Sienimies bought a pair of glass eyes from me and she was a great buyer to deal with. Communication was excellent and payment was prompt. Thanks again!
    14. Sienimies bought my Minifee boy body (active line, NS). Friendly communication, quick payment. Thanks! :)
    15. Sienmies bought a Little Monica Honey Harmony Lucille from me. The transaction went smoothly, she paid right away, and let me know as soon as the doll arrived. I would not hesitate to do business with them again. A++++~
    16. I bought a Aurora elfdoll to Sienimies , all correct
    17. Sienimies bought a doll from me again. :)
      She is a pleasant and sweet person. :aheartbea
      Communication is always great and she paid very fast and let me know when she received the package. ;)
      I highly recommend her to anybody. :thumbup
      Thank you so much for the perfect transaction. :D
    18. I sold a FL event siean head to Sienimies.super fast payment, excellent buyer.Would not hesitate to do another with her.
    19. I sold a Minifee body to Sienimies. She let me know when the payments would arrive and when the doll arrived at her doorstep. Excellent communication. Thank you so much!!
    20. I bought a doll's head from Sienimies. We quickly agreed and she was very friendly. But in the process of the transaction Sienimies went to relatives and did not warn me, that made me worry. However, the doll's head was sent to me as soon as communication was resumed. Head arrived safely and was packaged very well.