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Feedback for [Silentia_Restless]

May 1, 2010

    1. If you had any transactions with me please leave here your feedback! Thank you! :celebrate
      #1 [Silentia_Restless], May 1, 2010
      Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
    2. [Silentia_Restless] purchased a fullset Punky Cupi from me. Absolutely wonderful buyer. Friendly pms, prompt payments, and super all around. And incredible patience when her russian postal system took forever to deliver her doll! Super all around and highly recommended!!!!!
    3. Silentia_Restless bought a Fairyland Lacrima head from me. She was a perfect buyer and it was a wonderful transaction. Great contact throughout. Highly recommended :)
    4. I bought a Fairyland FP60 Lacrima head from Silent_Restless and I could not be happier with this transaction. She sent Lacrima at once and communication was always very friendly, she sent some gifts too! ^__^, I really enjoyed communicating with her! *___*. Lacrima arrived very well packed and very very fast in perfect condition *O*. Thanks so much my dear for everything again and for the perfect transaction!!. I can only recommend her and hope to deal with her in the future again!<3<3<3