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Feedback for Silivrenel

Mar 25, 2010

    1. Flakey Feedback:

      I put my Soom Monthly Amber for auction almost two weeks ago. Silivrenel won the auction with a bid of $900 she told me she would pay me in two days; I told her that was fine and promptly waited. Two days passed and I received no response then Tuesday came and she told me she would pay me in another two days. Instead of a PayPal notification I got a response from her saying this:

      i'm so sorry, but I have to cancel the purchase. I'm just a reseller between you and my friend and she had no more opportunities to buy Amber, because of financials problems(( I'm sorry that it happened and made you wait"

      I am very disappointed with how this transaction turned out. I needed a quick sale and had two other people interested in her. :( Silivrenel kept me waiting for a response for a week and a half with very vague communication and then cancelled the transaction. I would practice caution when selling to her.
    2. It's not my fault. I'm just an agent and responsible for delays and non-payment of money lies in person with whom I worked. Therefore, this feedback is not quite true
    3. Silivrenel this feedback is entirely true; you lead me on for a week and a half on a very important sale. Your employer/friend should have come online and bought the doll themselves and since they did not I can only hold you responsible for their actions. You initiated the transaction with me and therefore you will take the responsibility for their flaking. Since I was not even told you were an "agent" through prior pm’s I assumed you were the buyer. I’ll say it again; I would practice caution when selling to Silivrenel.
    4. I have a deal with Silivrenel few days ago, and everything was great and perfectly smooth. I bought a SuperGem ws body from Silivrenel and since I have some hesitate, Silivrenel offer me a high class deal support. Thank you, Silivrenel!
    5. I sold an Idealian Photon to Silvernel on a five-month Layaway. She paid him off ahead of time, and let me know when he arrived.

      I purchased a pair of Spiritdoll bone wings from Silivrenel
      My package arrived quickly and in good condition. Thank you.
    7. I bought a Dollfie Dream from Silivrenel. The only part of it that didn't go smoothly was the fact that, since I insisted on using Paypal, Silivrenel was not aware that fees would be taken out, and there was a misunderstanding about who was responsible for the fees. But we worked it out, and they shipped the doll. Beyond that, Silivrenel was a friendly and attentive seller and checked in with me a bunch of times during the wait (post from Russia to the US takes a while, totally not Silivrenel's fault!) to make sure I got the doll. They even threw in a bunch of extras that weren't listed in the sales post, so I couldn't be happier with the end result!