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Feedback for silke_chan

Dec 16, 2011

    1. I didn't find a thread already for silke_chan so do hope it is ok that I made one!

      silke_chan bought a Soom, Obsidius open-eyed head from me. She was very warm and friendly throughout, paid immediately and was very kind in letting me know when the head had arrived safely and even sent a photo of it on the new body.

      I am thrilled to have done business with silke_chan and would not hesitate to recommend her or do business again as the whole process was easy and flawless!

      Thank you so much and hope you are enjoying your new boy! ^^
      All the best x
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    2. silke_chan bought 2 wigs from me and it was an easy, fast and smooth transaction!

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    3. silke_chan bought a Chrom human head from me and it was a great transaction - constant communication, fast payment and an overall nice person. Thank you and enjoy your new boy! :3
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    4. silke_chan bought my IH Arvid, communication was great and the made the payment very fast.
      She also let me know when he arrived, I can totally recommend her as a buyer ^^
      Thank you!
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    5. silke_chan bought an Elfdoll Hazy head from me. All her PMs were friendly, she paid quickly and she let me know as soon as the head arrived. I recommend her to all serious buyers and sellers on DoA!
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    6. Silke_chan bought an EID Body.
      very good transaction
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    7. silke_chan bought a Souldoll outfit set from me. It was a very smooth transaction, she replied to messages quickly and paid promptly. She also let me know as soon as the outfit had arrived. I would gladly do business with her again! Thank you so much! :D
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    8. Silke_chan bought a soom Super Gem body from me.
      she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. very polite and friendly, excellent communication, speedy payment and let me know as soon as he arrived.
      could not be happier. thank you so much ^_____^
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    9. Silke_chan bought a Souldoll Double Boy Outfit from me.
      I can only recommend to do business with her- the communication was very nice, she is a kind and friendly person. Payment was promt, and she even covered the pp-fees without me asking her to do so. She let me know when the parcel arrived at hers also.

      Thank you for the uncomplicated business, dear Silke-chan!
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