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Feedback for SillLadyFae

May 9, 2008

    1. Hi~
      I started making purchases through the marketplace, so I think it is a good idea to start a feedback thread. Thank you to all those that worked with me!

    2. She took over a layaway I was in and it couldn't have worked out better. Payment was sent quickly and very friendly PMs. Reccommended :)
    3. I recently sold a pair of MSD boots to SillLadyFae and she was wonderful to deal with! :)

      Quick PMs and payment and she let me know when the boots arrived - perfect!

      Thanks! :)
    4. SillLadyFae bought a pair of MNF pants from us. She paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with. A++++ transaction. Thanks so much!!
    5. i sold wigs a while back and she was very patient with me and communication was great!
    6. Bought a MNF DES head from her! Communication was great, she shipped it off promptly, and she even included an adorable little necklace! I couldn't be more pleased ^_^

    7. SillLadyFae sold me her Juri 06. Up front, honest and a great deal to boot! Wonderful person. Fast shipping and fully insured. Included a couple of super cute necklaces too.:aheartbea

      Will definitely buy from again given the chance.
    8. I bought a DIM Arno via layaway from SillLadyFae. Excellent communication, SillLadyFae answered all my questions and was fantastic to deal with.
    9. I've bought a MNF Shiwoo Vamp-elf from SillLadyFae.
      Excellent communication, and absolutely great to deal with!!!

      Thank you so much for a lovely transaction :aheartbea
    10. SillLadyFae bought doll outfit from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    11. SillyLadyFae bought 2 fleece hats from me - couldn't ask for a better transaction!
    12. SillLadyFae participated in my Fairyland split. She was wonderful to deal with and kept good communication.

      Thanks for a smooth transaction! :)
    13. I bought a V.Lu-Wen head from SillLadyFae.
      It was actually a split, but she wanted to make sure that the order from luts was alright before collecting payment from me.
      A lovely seller who kept me updated throughout.
      The head was packed really well and also came with a free necklace SillLadyFae made!
      Thanks so much!
    14. SillLadyFae purchased a head from me. Perfect transaction, great communications and quick pay! Would definitely recommend!
    15. I bought a puki faceplate from SillLadyFae. The transaction was fast and friendly! She took extra pictures and even did a hold for me! She let me know as soon as she shipped. She also sent adorable extras along!

      Thank you, SillLadyFae! I'll keep an eye on your selling threads. :D
    16. One word for this seller, Phenominal!!!!
    17. I bought a Puki faceplate from SillLadyFae. She was absolutely wonderful to deal with. She shipped the plate really fast and sent me a tracking number. She also sent some great little extras with it, and checked up afterwards to ensure that the plate arrived safely.

      I would highly recommend buying from her.

      Thanks for everything SillLadyFae!
    18. Wonderful seller, she hold for me her puki Cupid a lot of time. Thank you to be so helplful and patient with me... and thanks for the gifts!
    19. Wonderful...awesome...honest...fabulous seller...and now dear doa pal! She was wonderful with me during the whole transaction! Thank you for everything...THIS DOA MEMBER IS AMAZING...YOU CAN TRUST HER.

      Hugs, Madison
    20. I recently bought a NS Cupid Winking faceplate w/ default faceup from SillLadyFae