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Feedback for silver.hakuei

Oct 12, 2008

    1. I didnt see one for her but wanted to start one:)

      Silver bought a KDM Pado from me. This was my first major sale of a bjd as well as shipping overseas with customs and she was very understanding of my nervousness. Replied to my emails quickly and courteously. Silver's a very nice person. Very pleased with the transaction from beginning to end. Thank you for giving Pado a good home. :aheartbea
    2. Silver.Hakuei purchased a Soom Topaz from me. Payment was very fast and I had no problem shipping her overseas.

    3. Silver.Hakuei bought a Dollshe body from me. She was very friendly, and paid fast. Thanks!
    4. Silver.Hakuei bought an akando head from me. Transaction went okay.

      Thank you. :)
    5. Silver.Hakuei bought Soom Topaz from me and payment was prompt.

      Thank you ^^
    6. Silver.Hakuei bought me a Iple House Super Hero Body.
      Layaway payment clean, but we had some problems of communication. Messages that I sent to her got lost, and some messages she wrote to me did not arrive.
      So I did not know that I had to write a false amount on the parcel, and she had to pay the customs fees.
    7. Silver.Hakuei bought from me limited Shoyo Cat Dollzone. Very honest person, paid fast, and she trust me even knowing I didnt have here feedback yet (I have in polish BJD forum). Thank you for your kindness and understanding!
    8. Silver.Hakuei bought my Soom Idrial. She was very sweet! She asked lots of questions (which I love). She responded to my messages ASAP and paid right away. I would do business with silver.hakuei again. :)
    9. Silver.hakuei purchase an Elfdoll Rainy doll female body from me. She was a great communicator, paid fast, and was great to work with. I would work with her again.