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Feedback for Silver_Wolf

Jul 9, 2011

    1. Silver_Wolf doesn't have a feedback thread, so I started one for her. She purchased 2 pairs of eyes recently and the transaction couldn't have been more pleasant. She was friendly, communicative, paid promptly and let me know that the eyes arrived safely. What more could I ask? I highly recommend her and would happily do business with her anytime! Thanks! :)
    2. Silver_Wolf bought a pair of eyes from me.
      She is a very nice person. Payment was quick and let me know when the eyes arrived.
      Very nice buyer to deal with. Highly recommended.
    3. Silver_Wolf bought a pair of soft glass eyes from me - she paid super quickly, was great to
      communicate with, and was very petient while the package took longer than expected in the Postal
      Service!! AND she let me know when they arrived too!
      Thank you for a very pleasant transaction!!!
    4. Wolf is a great dolly person to do business with. Wolf bought my DIM Galahad from me with accessories and paid right away. Thank you so much for giving this great guy a better home :)
      Highly recommended!
    5. Thank you all! :) Anyone else who has had a transaction from me feel free to post here! :)
    6. Silver_Wolf recently purchased a Cancan wig from me. Great communication and quick payment, I highly recommend.

      Thanks so much!
    7. Silver_Wolf was great to deal with and bought my SD DIM Galahad boy. Paid quickly and is highly recommended :)
    8. oops! Feedback already left, please delete last post
    9. Silver_Wolf bought a wig from me, and it was a perfectly smooth transaction. A great buyer, thanks again! :)
    10. Silver_Wolf bought a DoD Twing-key from me. She paid promptly, was very pleasant to correspond with, and let me know as soon as the doll arrived. I would not hesitate to do business with her again. I recommend her highly.

      So happy that Twing-key has found a good home! Thanks!
    11. Silver Wolf is an excellent buyer.
      Very nice, polite, and prompt with payment.
    12. Siver Wolf, bought me a doll dollmore shiloh LE: excellent communication, and fast payment
      +1 for her