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Feedback for silveredfern

Feb 7, 2010

    1. Please leave feedback for me in this thread, thank you.
    2. Sold a head to Silveredfern, great communication, quick payment, a true delight to work with!
    3. I sold a MNF Rheia to silveredfern and she was great throughout the whole transaction. An excellent buyer that was patient and kind, paid promptly, and was very understanding with my novice mistakes. I learned a good deal from this transaction with her and will always be eternally grateful for this wonderful first time experience.

      Thank you and enjoy your new doll!
    4. Silveredfern bought doll glass eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    5. silveredfern recently purchased some items from me and it was a great transaction!! Quick payment and great communication! Thanks so much!!
    6. Great person to deal with! Thanks so much!
    7. I sold Soom MD Ai to silveredfern and she was a great buyer.
      The communication was great and the payment was made fast. When the doll arrived to her, she informed me quickly too!
      I would recommend her to others without hesitation. Thank you so much for a great transaction :)
    8. i purchased a Soom Ai tail from her! great communication and speedy shipping! Thank you!
    9. I bought a head from silveredfern! She was extremely helpful, communicative and shipped and packed the doll really well. Recommended to all
    10. I purchased a WS PukiPuki Madeline with custom faceup from silveredfern and I'm quite satisfied with the purchase.

      Communication: always prompt (never took longer than 24 hours for her to reply to me) and honest. I was quite impressed with this aspect of the transation.

      Payment: she was very accommodating with me on the payment and put the doll on hold until I could transfer more money into my PayPal balance (which takes 3-5 business days). She also quoted an additional price for insurance when I requested it, as it was not included in the original price on the thread.

      Shipping: happened the day after I sent her my payment. (Doll shipped on Friday. I received the doll on Monday.)

      Packaging: the doll itself was wrapped in paper and layered with bubble wrap inside the Fairyland Puki box. The Puki box was also wrapped in quite a bit of bubble wrap, and the shipping box was packed with huge amounts of paper to cushion any movement. The doll arrived safely and well packed.

      Doll condition: everything was as originally stated in the sales thread. The doll was hot glue sueded, which was not mentioned on the thread, but silveredfern was not aware that the previous owner had done this. I consider it an extra bonus, now I won't have to do this myself.

      Thank you very much for an excellent transaction! I would recommend this seller for anyone wanting a professional, successful transaction.
    11. Silvered was a particpant in my Dollmore GO, and she was terrific! Great communication, payed everything nice and fast... id totally reccomend her to anyone! :) Thank you so much for being awesome!
    12. I bought a blushedrose's mohair wig off of silveredfern. Her communications were promt and lovely, and the wig arrived fast from overseas, and in perfect condition. She also sent a little how to care for the wig note, which was especially appreciated!

      I reccomend her entirely as a seller, it was a great transaction!
    13. Bought a dress from silveredfern. It looks amazing on my baby and I love it. :)
    14. I bought two Teenie Gem dresses from silverdfern. They were both beautiful (and excellent quality), shipped quickly, and packaged well. Silverdfern was great to communicate with and very prompt. I very much hope I can buy more of her great clothes in the future. :)
    15. I commissioned silverdfern to do a faceup on my little PKF Fur Seal Plate, and it came out so cute! Her turnaround time is wonderful, and she's so friendly and professional in her communication. I would love to do business with her again :)
    16. I purchased a RealPuki Soso and am very happy! Very nicely packaged, shipped lightning fast and in perfect condition. Thanks so much!
    17. I've had and will have again a Marvelous time with silveredfern, She gave my Lil big princess and Gorgeous Faceup. I'm posting a picture here to show her off. I'm in love with this Artist talent and I highly Recommend her!!!
      Catch her while you can before the word gets out.... she's Fabulous and she'll fill her commission slots full soon.
      :daisy:daisy !!!Thank you!!! :daisy:daisy

    18. I commissioned a faceup from silveredfern and she did great! She was fast, had great communication, and packed her up very well for shipping, and she shipped very fast too! I definitely recommend her!
    19. I had silverfern face-up my choco-puki Pipi. Excellent work, fast shipping, very professional. I would not hestitate to work with her again. Thanks!
    20. I had two faceups done by silveredfern, and they're beautiful! She was also very polite and prompt in her communication. I would definitely commission her again!