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Feedback for silvermasques

Aug 20, 2008

    1. :D a Thread for myself since I've bought a couple things from the Marketplace, Have yet to sell anything though :P <33
    2. For Anyone Who has Bought Something From me Or Sold Something to Me Please leave me Feedback I would appreciate it Greatly
    3. SM bought my DZ Megi and it was a perfect transaction. She paid promptly, kept in touch and let me know that the doll arrived safely. Couldn't ask for better! I highly recommend her, I'd be happy to do business with her anytime! Enjoy him and thanks again! :)
    4. Silver just purchased my DZ Ani and it was another smooth, easy transaction. She kept in touch, paid promptly, and let me know as soon as Ani arrived at her new home. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend her and will happily keep doing business with her. :)
      Thanks Silver and Happy New Year!
    5. Silver purchased my DZ BB July boy, thank you! She's A+++ all the way, it was yet another perfect transaction. I'll happily and gladly do business with Silver anytime! I highly recommend her. :)
    6. silvermasques bought two puki faceplates from me. She communicated and paid instantly, and let me know as soon as the package arrived. She also sent me follow-up photos of the adorable face-up she did!

      Thank you, silvermasques!
    7. silvermasques bought one of my Puki wigs! Great communication and quick payment! Highly recommended buyer! ^_^
    8. I sold a SDF Wintery head to silvermasques and she was wonderful to deal with. She kept up great communication, was super friendly and she paid promptly. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer. :)
    9. I sold a KD Cherry with extras to silvermasques and she was a great buyer! Payment was super fast, responses were the quickest ever and she's also very friendly and nice to deal with *fangirl*
      Thank you very much!
    10. I sold a Dollmore turtleneck to silvermasques. She was wonderful to communicate with, and played quickly. She let me know when the packaged arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again :)
    11. I commissioned a face up from Silvermasques for my DZ Yuri head, one of her free slots at that. She was super friendly, had great communication, told me when my head arrived and departed, sent pics of the face up before sending the head back, and was a pleasure to work with. I would for sure commission another face up from her!! :D:fangirl:
    12. I just bought a DIM Elf event head from silvermasques and the process was quick and painless. I've been trying to get my hands on this boy forever (evil laugh), and silver made it possible!

    13. silvermasques took part in my Heliot split- communication was great and payment was fast. A great transaction, thanks!
    14. silvermasques did a face up for my girl, Helena - definitely love the result and she was so careful with her, too! Highly HIGHLY recommended!!


      Thank you again <3!
    15. Purchased a Soom R Heliot head from silvermasques. She kept in touch with me throughout the transaction, and was very understanding when I ran into financial trouble and had to delay the last payment by a week. She packaged the head very well and securely. I would buy from her again, or enter into any transaction with her.
    16. I sold a blue wig to silvermasques after answering her WTB. She was a joy to deal with, paid quickly and even sent me a picture of the wig on her doll when it arrived. Highly recommend, thanks!
    17. silvermasques commissioned a slik vest for her little boy from me, and was a real pleasure to work with! Friendly, fast communication and payment, I highly recommend! :D
    18. Sorry this took so long ^^;

      Silver bought a yellow green wig from me :) Always great to work with, really friendly and quick payment :D Hope the wig worked out for you. Thanks again for taking it ^^~<3
    19. Silvermasques bought a soom's doll body from me. She was very sweet and friendly to talk to. Everything was just perfect. Thank you for a great transaction! <3
    20. silvermasques recently purchased a R. Soom Ai head and Alk boy body from me! She was quick with her payment, had wonderful communication, and is an overall sweetheart to deal with. :D Of course I would not hesitate to deal with her again!

      Have fun with Kohaku!