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Feedback for SilverMoonFae

Apr 16, 2009

    1. :aheartbea Feel free to leave feedback for sales transactions that I have made. :aheartbea
    2. Hello! SilverMoonFae bought a mnf Shshu head from me. She was quite friendly and paid super quick! Her communication was super awsome too, I totally sell to her again anytime! Thanks so much SilverMoonFae!:):):)
    3. Sold a mnf body to SilverMoonFae. She is awesome to deal with!! Payment was uber fast and she's really sweet ^_^

      Thanks SilverMoonFae!!
    4. I sold some clothes to SilverMoonFae. Payment was quick and a great transaction! Thanks!
    5. Sold wig and eyes to SilverMoonFae and it was a prompt, plesant transaction. :3
    6. SilverMoonFae bought a mature delf girl body from me, the transaction was smooth, payment was fast and communication was good :)
    7. She is wonderful to deal with. Great communication and extremely fast payment. Thank you!
    8. SilverMoonFae bought some MNF clothes from me, and it was a lovely transaction, and she let me know when they arrived safely too. Thanks again.:)
    9. SilverMoonFae purchased several clothing items from me--she paid very quickly and was super-nice to deal with. Thank you! :)
    10. I sold some MSD & SD items to her. Wonderful buyer, very fast with payment and great communication. It was a total pleasure, thank you!
    11. Bought some Mio items from me, and was a perfect buyer throughout. Thanks!
    12. SilverMoomFae bought a Chiwoo head from me. She was an absolute pleasure to do business with, paid right away and let me know when the head arrived.

      Thank you! You take care too!

    13. Silvermoonfae bought some pants off of me she was amazing! She was a dear to work with and paid right away. She's a great buyer
    14. This member participated in my GO! and made prompt payments. Highly recommended.
    15. I bought a Shushu head from SilverMoonFae.This transaction was perfect!! She shipped super fast & communication was excellent.She even threw in a gift!!!I highly recomend this seller.Thanks so much.
    16. bought a lishe head from silvermoonfae. She arrived safe and sound and there was a free gift! Thanks Silver!!!!
    17. I bought a minifee bocy from SilverMoomFae, and she is very easy to work with! She was very nice, and the body is in picture perfect condition!
      Thanks, Silver!
    18. Bought an mnf body from Silvermoonfae on layaway and she's great and wonderful to deal with. She even gave me an extension when my situation got strained. She hasn't been online since the 6th and the lack of communication was a bit frightening at the end but she's an honest person. ^^ Thank you!