Feedback for Silversfall

Jul 12, 2006

    1. Another thread of mine started by some others :)

      The list so far:

      People I've bought from:

      Kimber Rose
      ~Communicated quickly and cleared up a small miscomunication about payment types

      Rebecca in FL
      ~sent wig quickly. Had no problems with

      ~was sooo nice. I had a time limit by which I needed the shorts and they arrived in time! Thanks so much!

      ~bought DOC Ivan. Quick with shipping, easy to deal with

      ~great to work with and fast shipping

      People I've sold to:

      ~quick with payment.

      ~paid everything on time and was great to deal with

      ~enjoyed my transaction with her and she asked all her questions up front so there was no confusion later on
    2. Thanks for the feedback. I've added your name to my feedback thread too; you were really great!
    3. Excellent transaction with Silversfall. She's a real sweetie and an excellent buyer!

      Thank you!
    4. I just got my wig today from her.

      she kept in contact throughout the whole transaction!

      great seller I highly reccomend her.
    5. Fast with payment and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again!
    6. Sold a Long Black Veil ;) to silversfall. A pleasure to deal with - thanks!
    7. Excellent buyer!

      She's always very quick to respond to PMs and let me know what's going on.

      Silversfall bought a Lati doll Aida on layaway from me on my ordering service for the limited Lati dolls. Not a small chunk of change. Good to know she's very very honest and a good buyer!
    8. This is one of the most amazingly efficient and fair sellers I have ever had the privilege of working with! Her pms are friendly and informative, she makes quick decisions and sticks with them, her pricing was fantastic! She shipped faster than lightning and packed like a professional! Buy with complete confidence from her!

      Thank you, C!!!
    9. I bought a Chaim outfit from silversfall that went extremely well. Thanks!
    10. We had a great transaction with Silversfall. She bought a shirt from us and all went well! Great buyer.
    11. We had a great transaction with Silversfall. She bought a shirt from us and all went well! Great buyer.
    12. amos came today. this was a really good transaction. he was packed really really well, clean as a whistle doll. great seller would definately buy from again.
      and he is absolutely gorgeous!
      thanks !
    13. woot! the metallic cat red eyes arrived today and she help me in my woes regarding this pair of eyes!

      it is really lovely!! :D
    14. Silversfall bought a 4D jacket from me, payment was quick and transaction was smooth! :)
    15. Oh, gee I took forever to do this. Silversfall bought a pair of boots from me- payment was fast and the whole thing went great! It's awesome to do business with such a nice person.
    16. Bought a great pair of green snakeskin shorts - great price with great shipping! Thanks! :)
    17. I bought Latidoll AIDA from her and she's been very kind and helpful:chibi, AIDA arrived today but shipment wasn't what we agreed on at the beginning. She meant well but shipped him with no tracking/insurance without letting me know before sending. :|
      Good thing he arrived home safe and sound.
    18. Bought a pair of SD Boots from silversfall. Silversfalls was always quick to answer my ims, communication was awesome and shipping was pretty fast.
    19. Quick, communicative, and very easy to deal with. I wish all transactions were this simple!
    20. I just bought a blank Elf Chiwoo head from silversfall. The price was good and the head is in perfect shape.
      The whole transaction went so smoothly and quickly. I'd buy again anytime!