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Feedback for Silverstein.

Aug 3, 2008

    1. It's a taaaad early, but...

      If I've bought something from you, sold something to you, or done a service for you, please leave feedback. :3

      Thank you. :)
    2. Silverstien bought some MSD clothes from me, and is a great buyer. She paid really quickly and was so nice. (I am so sorry that the hoodies took so long to get there! Stupid postal service!)
    3. +1 as a buyer!

      Silverstein adopted my Bobobie An (and a pair of boots for him) from me. I'm glad to know he's gone to such a good home. ^^ Thanks so much for a great transaction, too--awesome communication, speedy payment, and a great person to do business with! Very trustworthy! ^^
    4. :3 Silverstein bought a vest set from me. Communicated well, and paid quickly. Great buyer. :D Thanks so much!
    5. Silverstein bought my Euclase legs on layaway. Fast replies to pms and quick payments. Thank you :)
    6. I just sold a wig to Silverstein and she was a joy to deal with throughout the transaction. Super-fast payment and prompt, pleasant communications. This transaction was flawless. I hope to deal with Silverstein again!
    7. :fangirl:I just bought an MSD from Silverstein. :)I was pleased at how friendly and quickly the response was. :abambi:Shipping was lightening fast~~2 days and everything was packed well and protected. He is amazing!!!:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
      :)A dream of a transaction~~ I would gladly buy from again!!!! Thank you again!!
    8. Silverstein joined my Sadol group order.
      Payment and PM replies were very quick and friendly :)
      You're more than welcome to join my GO anytime ^_^!
    9. I recently bought some Soom Euclase legs from Silverstein! They came in good condition, and were very carefully packed! I love them! And she was very easy to communicate with!

      Thanks again Silverstein!:)
    10. i purchased a dollzone MSD shirt from silverstein and the transaction was fantastic. great communications even through a busy schedule! (i know how those go <3) shirt was shipped smoothly and recieved quickly.. very awesome to work with i would gladly do business with again
    11. I bought MSD jeans from Silverstein, they arrived in great condition and look fantastic on Indy~ <3 Will gladly buy from again! ^w^
    12. I joined a Minimee head group order run by Silverstein and she was a pleasure to work with! Even though she runs a busy schedule, she was always able to answer our questions and contact Denny for us in a timely manner. My head made it here in record time, too!
      I would definitely deal with her again.
    13. I recently purchased a head from Silverstein, and I am so happy with the transaction. She always responded very promptly to my messages, and she took real good care of the head she sold me. It looks brand new! I would definately purchase from her again.

    14. Some overdue feedback for Silverstein. I participated in her Nero Minimee GO and it was a lovely experience. She kept in contact with us, made sure the ordering process went smoothly and was generally a wonderful GO leader.
    15. I participated in Silverstein's Nero MNM GO, she kepted us informed the whole way and made sure everything went smoothly as was just awesome i would love to deal with her again!
    16. I also participated in the DMC4 Nero minimee GO.
      She ran it well and my heads came in great shape. She also dealt with multiple scuplting corrections and his eyes are now straight. Yeh!
    17. I was part of Sliverstein's MNM Nero Go. She was an excellent group leader throughout the process. :)
    18. I was also part of Silverstein's minimee Nero GO.
      She was an excellent leader and always kept us up to date.
      Thank you! =)
    19. I was in a split and got the Cuprit head from Silverstein. It went great and she kept up good contact at all times. The head came very well packed. Thanks so much!
    20. I purchased a set of Soom eyes from Silverstein. Communication was excellent, eyes are perfect and very safely packed! She even included some putty!!

      I highly receommend Silverstein as a seller. Thank you!!