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~Feedback for Silvertongue~

Aug 16, 2007

    1. If you have sold to or bought from me, please leave feedback
      here so that other folk will know that I'm not a penniless fraud
      sprung from the seedy underbelly of the internet scam-dom. *LAUGHS*

      But honestly, feedback would be appreciated. XD

      For a slightly more extensive feedback collection,
      see my ebay Feedback Profile here: cobweb510

      Merci Beaucoup! :D

    2. Silvertongue purchased her first BJD from me! :D She paid immediately, was an absolute doll to work with, and let me know when the head arrived safe and sound.

      Buy and sell with confidence from Silvertongue! You won't be let down. :)

      Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what wonders you do with the DIM Andrea head you bought. <3
    3. :D Muchos gracias, Kym!!! *smooshes* XD I couldn't have bought my first doll from anyone sweeter!! ^_^

    4. I did a special commission work for Silvertongue based on her fabulous original sketch. She was an absolute gem to work with, was quick to pay, and had excellent communications throughout. It was, in every way, a real pleasure and I'm very happy to recommend her to others.:)
    5. Silvertongue bought a wig from me, and despite an unexplained postal reroute from hell (the post office's fault, not hers, and thank goodness it was eventually sorted out), she was wonderful to deal with. She was patient, communicative, and very understanding. In all my transactions, I've only had postal mishaps occur twice -- but she made this one very simple to deal with. It's nice to work with a buyer who doesn't panic the moment things cease to be perfect!

      So glad the wig finally got through intact, and that you like it!
    6. Silvertongue was in both my Hyde Minimee order and Dollmore GO's. She is great to deal with and very sweet! I highly recommend and look forward to doing business with her again!
    7. Silvertongue bought an outfit from me, and it was just the perfect transaction. I couldn't ask for a better buyer. (:

      Thank you so much!
    8. Hi all,
      Just received my Gackt minimee head from Silvertongue. It arrived quickly and extremely well packed. She communicated throughout the whole transaction and was a "doll" to work with. I highly recommend doing business with Silvertonge; she's the best!;) Thank you....
    9. Silvertongue was part of a group order I hosted, paid promptly, great communication, would deal with again!
    10. Silvertongue bought a kimono set from me and she's a fantastic buyer who paid promptly and clearly communicated her shipping requirements so the transaction progressed very smoothly. Highly recommended!
    11. Silvertongue bought the closed eye Cloud head from me, and she paid lightning fast and let me know when it got to her. No problems at all and great communication and feedback.
    12. Silvertongue bought doll outfits from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thank you!
    13. Another wonderful transaction with Silvertongue! She purchased a shirt from me and both communication and payment went through quickly and smoothly. Highly recommended buyer!

      Thanks again!! :)
    14. I bought an Abadon head from Silvertongue and she was wonderful! Awesome and pleasant transaction, great communication, shipped fast (received within 2-3 days! :XD:), and packaged extremely well! I couldn't be happier with the service. Very recommended! :thumbup

      Thank you so much! :)
    15. Just got a minimee body from her~ he's great, arrived fast! Thanks.
    16. I inquired about her Fullset Lee Jun Ki doll. While I ended up not buying the doll, she was great to work with. She answered all of my questions and responded in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend her ^_^
    17. Silvertongue bought a body from me and I have to say that she is a perfect buyer! :D Great communication, fast payment... It was a lovely transaction :) Thank you!
    18. :aheartbea ~Positive~ :aheartbea
      I purchased a perfectly wonderful Luts S.Delf body from Silvertongue. She allowed me to do layaway and even reblushed him and made him all gorgeous for me! The mods done to the body by her are extrodinary and you can't tell that they were added on at all. Her work is professional quality and I would love to buy from her again since she's a sweetheart to deal with.
      Gackt thanks you for his Magnum dear ;)
    19. Silvertongue purchased a wig from me. Prompt payment and grate communication~! She even let me know when the package arrived. Recommended buyer :aheartbea Thank you very much~!
    20. I bougth a doll from Silvertongue and was very happy witht he transaction. She is friendly and prompt in PM's and shipped quickly. A pleasure to deal with :D