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Feedback for SilverWinglie

Oct 13, 2007

    1. If I've bought from or sold to you, please post here. Thanks!
    2. SilverWinglie purchased a necklace from me. communication was prompt and pleasant, payment was super-fast, and she even let me know when the item had arrived. i would definitely work with her again.

    3. SilverWinglie purchased a head from me. She paid quickly and kept good communication... an easy transaction and a pleasure to deal with!

    4. Wonderful buyer. SilverWinglie paid promptly and then let me know via PM when the package arrived. Thanks and please come back again!
    5. SilverWinglie joined a Group Order that I ran. The payments were extremely prompt and the communication very friendly. I enjoyed having her on the order!
      Thank you. : )
    6. SilverWinglie and I split a doll. She was very friendly with good, fast communication. Also helpful and understanding when there was some trouble on the company's end. Thank you! :)
    7. SilverWiglie bought a pair of eyes from me. We had a very smooth and fast transition ever XDDD
      She's really nice and a very prompt buyer too. Thank you very much >w<!!!!
    8. SilverWinglie bought a luts neckpiece from me~ she was very friendly, and communication and payment were both very quick. Thankyou! <3
    9. SilverWinglie bought some boots from me. Payment came right in and there was communication throughout the whole transaction. A+ Would definatly sell to again! :)
    10. Purchased another pair of boots and some stockings from me. Payment was when agreed upon. All in all an excellent person to sell to!
    11. She purchased some Eyes I have made and she responded to pms promptly and payment was agreed on very fast! She has been a great customer ~ <3
    12. SilverWinglie participated in my dollmore group order! She had quick payments and was excellent to deal with! Welcome to any of my future group orders.
    13. Bought a hoodie, it arrived within a couple of days and is absolutely perfect! Great communication and very fast with getting stuff in the mail. n.n
    14. Sold a pair of SD lolita-type mary jane shoes to SilverWinglie. Communication was friendly and payment was immediate Great buyer!
    15. I bought a hoodie from SilverWinglie. It was well made and my boy has not taken it off since he got it. Thank you Silver :fangirl:
    16. Paid promptly! Very friendly :D
    17. I joined a Parabox GO that SilverWinglie was hosting. :) Prompt communication, well-packaged and very friendly, thank you so much!
    18. I was so glad I bought from SilverWinglie! PRompt commonuication, very clear explanations, great transaction. I bought both a hoodie and took part in the recent Parabox group order she hosted. Would recommend her to anyone thinking about group orders or purchases. Thanks!
    19. I joined SilverWinglie Group order for Parabox, It was smoothly Run. Update constantly! Awesome stuff! My LIttle boy LOVES IT!

    20. I joined SilverWinglie's Parabox group order. What a pleasure she was to deal with! Prompt, clear, friendly communication. Prompt, well-wrapped shipping. I'd definitely participate in any group order she runs. :)