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Feedback for SimplySidi

Apr 6, 2012

    1. Hi Everyone ^^. Please leave your feedback below. Thanks so much :).
    2. I sold a pair of Dollmore eyes to Simplysidi. She paid promptly, and had great communication throughout the transaction. I would gladly do business with her again in the future.
    3. SimplySidi participated in a Leekeworld GO i recently hosted and can say she was ideal to deal with. she was prompt in posting payment and was speedy & friendly throughout our correspondence. i would totes deal with her again and would deffo recommend. thanks again!! :)
    4. SimplySidi commissioned an outfit for her girl from me and she was extremely kind, polite and patient ! Communication was perfect, no problems with payment and shipping :) I would love to deal with her again in the future !
      Very recomended buyer <3
    5. SimplySidi joined my LeekeWorld group order. She is a totally awesome participant, quick payments and fantastic communication.

      Thank you so much for joining!