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Feedback for Sinclaire1984

Jun 30, 2011

    1. Please, if you have any transaction with me, put your feedback here.
    2. Sinclaire1984 bought me a Soom Chrom Humain Head!
      The payment quickly and very friendly communication! She tell me when the Chrom arrived safetly!
      I can recommend her.
      It was pleasure to deal with you. ^___^
    3. Sinclaire1984 bought a Soom Super Gem outfit (shirt, pants, & shoes) from me. She was really pleasant to do business with! She paid promptly, was quite friendly, and let me know when she got the package! All in all a great transaction! :)
    4. Sinclaire bought a soom doll from me and everything went prefectly. Sinclaire was a delightful person to work with. Very sweet and nice. Payment very prompt and communication is great. Thank you for a soomful transaction !
    5. Sinclaire1984 bought a Cuprit dress of me, and she was great to work with. Great communication and fast payment!
    6. Sinclaire1984 Bought a Soom Vesuvia from me. Great communication, and fast payment! I highly recommend her!
    7. Sinclaire1984 bough a Soom Yrie from me. Fast payment, great communication, and she let me know as soon as the doll arrived. Highly recommended :D
    8. Sold a doll to Sinclaire1984 and it couldn't have gone smoother. She did a very short layaway and paid very quickly. Her communication was quick and friendly and she was patient during shipping.
      This was my first time selling a doll to Russia and I learned a lot from this transaction.

      I would definitely do business again with Sinclaire1984, thank you so much!!!
    9. I had a great transaction with Sinclaire1984! She bought Cuprit's default outfit from me. Great communication, super fast payment, friendly mails, could not ask for better!

      Highly recommended! Thank you very much :)
    10. Sold a set each of Bygg and Yrie outfits to Kate, and she was wonderful! :3 Great communication, prompt payment, and super friendly. ^u^ I'd definitely sell to her again!
    11. Sinclaire1984 buy from me the Heliot girl, she is a good buyer, we have good communication, prompt payment
      Highly recommended!
    12. Sinclaire1984 bought my Soom Amber, payment was super quick and communication excellent~ Enjoy your new dolly!
    13. Sinclaire1984 bought my SOOM Ai outfit and everything went perfect. She was friendly, paid fast and let me know when it arrived. Thank you for the transaction!
    14. I sold my SOOM Glot to Sinclaire1984, it was a dream transaction!
      She was very friendly and paid right away. Just an over all great buyer!
      I couldn't have picked a better home for that doll. I know she'll be loved.

      I highly recommend!!!:aheartbea

      Thanks again Kate! :)
    15. Sinclaire1984 bought my Bygg and a number of items to go with him. She was very kind and patient, and everything went great!
    16. Sinclaire1984 bought an outfit from my workshop ^^ very kind buyer, highly reccomend buyer.
      Thank you very much
    17. Sinclaire1984 bought my Soom Glati and everything went perfectly ^__^ Communication was fast and very pleasant and she also paid promptly.

      Highly recommended, thank you!
    18. Sinclaire1984 purchased a Fairyland Siean fullset outfit from me. Friendly communication, fast payment and she let me know when the package arrived. I couldn't ask for a smoother transaction. Thank you!
    19. Sinclaire1984 bought a pair of Soom Quartz ice horns from me and everything went smooth and perfect. Excellent, friendly communication and fast payment. Sinclaire1984 also let me know when the items arrived to her safe. Thanks again and I highly recommend her to the DOA Market place. ;)
    20. POSITIVE

      I had a great transaction with Sinclaire1984 :dance
      She sold me her fullset SOOM Agate and a variety of other SOOM clothing.
      She mailed my items quickly and packed them very well.
      I'm very happy!! Thank you :aheartbea