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Feedback for Sint

Jun 15, 2007

    1. If you had any transaction with me, please leave feedback here ^^
    2. Sint pays fast & communication is great - I highly recommend her! :)
    3. Sint is a great buyer, very prompt in replies and payment. It is my great pleasure dealing with her and I had a great transaction!
    4. Sint is a very good buyer; quick with replies and payment - she was one of the first buying anything from me and it was a great experience. ^^
    5. I sold an E-an head to Sint. It was a quick and easy transaction on both ends. She is a great buyer!
    6. Sint bought a wig from me. Great communication and crazy fast payment! I'd love to do business again. :)
    7. Fast payment and great communication. :) A great buyer! Thank you for your business!
    8. Sint bought a wig from me - helpful, friendly, communicative and paid immediately. Great transaction.:)
    9. Sint purchased a head from me & paid very promptly & answered all PMs in a timely manner - an excellent transaction, thank you so much! :D
    10. A+++++ sint purchased a doll head from me, very nice buyer~ paid immediately ~ sent package overseas & sint left feedback as soon as it was received ~~ A perfect Transaction Thank You & Enjoy !
    11. I sent Sint two pairs of msd hands for modding. They sculpted amazing little claws onto them and the work is just stunning. Sint was quick to keep in touch throughout the whole process and was helpful and friendly with everything. Amazing prices for the quality of their work!
      Sint's work is great quality and they're great to deal with. Brilliant transaction! Thank you so much once again.
    12. Sint bought a wig from me. Fast payment, great emails. A pleasure thank you
    13. I comissioned her to mod my Zaoll Luv bust and I'm super happy!! :D She is very nice and kept me informed during the deal. The modding job is absolutely perfect!! Shipping back was fast and she even sent me some cookies!! :D Great mod service. Recommended!!
    14. I comissioned Sint for a girl-to-boy chest mod and she's indeed a wonderful and talented artist! The mod was made very carefully and it looks really beautiful (:

      Great artist, very kind person to deal with! ♥ Thanl you very much~ ^__^
    15. I had a pleasant, wonderful transaction with Sint.
      She's very friendly, and agreed to modify my Narvy head. Pointy ears were sculpted as soon as she received my package: really quick and well done job.
      Plus, she is so friendly and kept me informed at every stage during the commission. I will surely ask her to do more mods, if I have the chance.
      I can't be more happy than this: thanks a lot! :aheartbea
    16. Sint modded a sleeping Littlefee head for me into half open eyes, perfect job and great communication. Totally recommended.
    17. Sint modded four of my heads for me in various ways. One cheek sanding and eye opening, one elf ear mod and vampire teeth mod, another eye opening, and sculpted and airbrushed a pair of antennaes for my alien girl. All of the mods were fantastic. The antennas look so good, and are so well made. I could not be happier with the way my dolls turned out. She had all four heads for quite a few months, as I had several mods that needed to be completed. I never worried about the heads, as communication was always very prompt and very friendly. Thanks again for the mods, Sint!
    18. I commissioned Sint to do some small mods on a Dollshe head. Both the nose and lips were sanded and let me tell you, looking at it you wouldn't know the head was modded because it was so well done. It's a subtle difference in the sculpt but for me, it made a world if difference! I was very picky about the mods and Sint was incredibly patient with me while I kept asking for more sanding. The head now looks exactly how I wanted him to be, and it's all thanks to Sint's beautiful work! :aheartbea I would definitely commission her again if I need more mods done in the future.
    19. Commissioned Sint for a girl-to-boy chest mod, and I couldn't be more pleased! The mod was beautifully done, and turned out even better than I'd pictured it -- while the mod did take a while, Sint always maintained excellent communication, and the end result was more than worth the wait. Once the mod was approved, the bust was shipped back quickly and securely -- I highly recommend Sint for any of your modding needs!
    20. Sint did some wonderful mods for me. They came out beautiful, even, and Sint even reinforced one of the eyes for me with epoxy. They look wonderful, and Sint did an amazing job ^-^ Shipping was secure and Sint is super sweet to talk to, and prompt with communicating! Thankyou sooo much, Sint!