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Feedback for sistercuervo

Jun 27, 2006

    1. My thread :p !
      If you've had a transaction with sistercuervo .

      for me, it is a very good customer ! really good ! fast paiment and she left easyli a feedback !

      thank you very much !
    2. Thank you, aishi!
    3. Sistercuervo just bought a pair of eyes from me and the transaction was very smooth with prompt payment & friendly communication. Thank you!
    4. EXCELLENT transaction. Would gladly work with Sistercuervo again.

    5. I sold a pair of shoes to her, she was great to deal with, and very pleasent.

    6. Had a great selling transaction with her and would gladly welcome her back.
    7. She bought some wigs and shoes from me, paid super fast, and let me knew when they got there. Can't ask for more.
      She's great to do business with.
    8. sistercuervo purchased some items from my shop. she paid quickly and had great communication. highly recommended. welcome back anytime
    9. sistercuervo bought a pair of eyes from me. Transaction went smothly and communication was good.
    10. Sistercuervo paid promptly, and she kept in touch.
      Definitely a good buyer:thumbup
    11. Yet another fantastic transaction with Sistercuervo. She's just awesome to deal with in every way.

      Thank you so much!
    12. Sistercuervo purchased some shoes I was selling. Paid quickly, communicated well, and was a real pleasure to sell to. :thumbup
    13. I sold a shirt to Sistercuervo, she paid fast with good communication , good buyer~~~ thank you very much!
    14. I did a commission for Sistercuervo and she was wonderful to work with. I would love to work with her again sometime. Thanks so much Sistercuervo!!
    15. sistercuervo is a great buyer, pays promptly and was a pleasure doing business with. I'd be happy to deal with her again!
    16. I've had several transactions with Sistercuervo and she's been an absolute joy on each occasion. This past week I completed a new commission for her, and like each other time, the transaction went smooth as silk - superfast payment, prompt, friendly communications. She's just awesome!

      Thank you!
    17. sistercuervo bought a wig and eyelashes from me, she paid fast and has excellent communication. It was a smooth and pleasant transaction.
    18. She bought an outfit of my collection "stylissimo".
      She's benne super fast payer and a very kind and sweet person.
      Hope to see picture of her beautiful doll wearing my dresses soon!
    19. Sistercuervo bought a shirt from me, and was a great buyer with fast payment. Thanks hun!
    20. she bought another outfit for me...she 's so sweet and serious person.
      She's friendly and really lovely!

      thanks darling. Hope it will arrive u soon!!