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Feedback for siteblock

Aug 16, 2011

    1. Please leave feedback for me here...
    2. siteblock purchased my Iplehouse Guardian, Efreet. The whole transaction went super-smoothly! Communication was friendly and prompt, plus she paid quickly and kept in touch to let me know when Efreet arrived, safe and sound. I would definitely do business with siteblock, ANY TIME.

      Thanks!! :aheartbea
    3. I just sold some IpleHouse clothes to siteblock. It was a very good transaction, great communication, very fast payment and nice to deal with. A perfect buyer!

      Thank you very much!
    4. Ava purchased my Lati White Pury with accessories and she was a pleasure to deal with :)! Rapid payment, immediate replies to emails, and just very pleasant! Smooth & easy transaction~ thanks so much hon :aheartbea!
    5. I sold several clothing items, pair of leather shoes and some cute props to siteblock.
      She was wonderful to communicate with, super speedy to pay, AND she let me know that
      the package arrived safely and that she was pleased with her goodies!
      Wonderful transaction - would be very happy to deal with siteblock again!!!
      THANK YOU!!!!
      Robyn_in_WA :)
    6. Siteblock bought an Iplehouse Erzulie from me. She paid right away and was super friendly to deal with. i would love to work with her again^^
      thank you!!
    7. Sold a Bobobie Pixie to siteblock. Very smooth transaction, good sale experience.
    8. Completed a very nice transaction...thanks for the purchase...it was just perfect.
    9. I sold some PukiPuki clothes to Siteblock, and she was super-nice and patient all the way.
      Good buyer. :)
    10. Siteblock has bought 2 pairs of shoes from me. The communication was good and the payment was made quickly. Overall great transaction. Highly recommended as a buyer. Thanks again :)
    11. I made a dreadwig for siteblock and she is just wonderful person to deal with. Everything went really smoothly and I'd love to do business with her again! :3 <3
    12. I sold siteblock a lot of tiny steampunk clothes and the transaction was smooth from start to finish! She is a great person to communicate with and very kind and considerate. I hope to work with her again in any capacity on DOA! I highly recommend her as a buyer!
    13. Siteblock bought a bunch of items for her tinies from me, and she was nice to deal with. Recommended. :)
    14. siteblock purchased a fullset outfit and accessories from me on a short layway. The communication was friendly and prompt and all payments were made within the time frame she requested. I highly recommend doing business with her! Thank you so much!
    15. Siteblock purchased a tiny from me and paid immediately. The transaction was a pleasure and communication was great. Highly recommend!
    16. Siteblock purchased a broach from me, was very easy to communicate with. Thanks! :aheartbea
    17. Siteblock purchased a Puki Pukisha from me, and was prompt and courteous in all communication, and quick in paying. She took the time to let me know that the doll had arrived safely, which is always appreciated! I would happily recommend as a buyer. :)
    18. Siteblock commissioned me for 3 face-ups and the transaction was perfect! ^-^

      Communication excellent, payment swift, and a pleasant person to do business with. I would gladly do so again!
      Thank you!
    19. Siteblock bought an Iplehouse limited Doulgas outfit from me. the transaction was smooth and wonderful! Prompt payment and the communication was excellent! Siteblock was a prefect buyer! Highly recommend! A+++ Thank you so much!
    20. Siteblock bought an Angel of Dream body from me and paid right away and let me know when it arrived. Great transaction! Thank you!