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Feedback for Sixfried

Jan 7, 2008

    1. I sell my Yder head open eyes at Sixfried, she's a nice person, very adorable and honnest, she paid very quickly^^.

      I recommand her for everyone^^.:)
    2. Communication was good from Sixfried when I traded a dreaming El head for a modded sleeping Lishe head. He came packaged safely and quickly ^^

      However, whilst I knew the eyes had been modded, it was not until the faceup artist I sent the head to told me that the head's cheek had also been sanded down (I have never seen a sanded cheek so didnt know). This isnt a huge deal for me because its not that noticeable but I think that unless Sixfried makes sure to write it in the thread in great detail, any buyers will need to ask about any modifications etc.

      Thank you for swapping with me :)
    3. I sold a X'mas 2006 elf El to her by layaway. Happy transaction. Hope you enjoy him!! :D Thanks!
    4. Sixfried bought a Dia head from me and she was very sweet and very quick to pay! great transaction!
    5. I bought a wig from Sixfried - the communication was very friendly with quick responses, and she shipped the wig real fast. The whole transaction was very pleasant and I would buy from her again!
    6. I am posting here to warn people, this transaction started on ebay but was carried over to here when Sixfried did not reply to emails sent there.

      I contacted Sixfried in the beginning of Aug(8/5), I had bought a luts set off her/him toward the end of July(7/27) and had gotten nothing as of yet.

      Pack finally arrive did arrive but was missing the thigh bag. Again ebay emails went unanswered so i had to use DOA to get in contact. Sixfried did accidentally miss putting the item in the bag and promised to sent it right away.

      That was 8/14 and she/he has not confirmed sending or replied to any pm's. I know sixfried has been active but has not bothered to open my last pm which i put a 'read' reciept on.

      Poor feedback has been left on eBay as well.
    7. I bought a vampire breakaway head from sixfried.. unfortunately I had to wait 32 days from paying before she even sent it. To begin with the communication was great... but quickly broke down. I am unsure wether the problems were intentional, or due to real life issues so hold no bad feelings towards Sixfried as the head DID turn up safely, with a free wig and within the 45 day time limit allowed by paypal. However, communication of any problems should have been relayed sooner.

      I am greatful that the transaction came to the conclusion that was desired by both, and as such I am leaving Neutral feedback.
    8. Sold a head to Six. A model customer to say the least! Highly recommend! Come back Six.. any time! :sumomo: :kitty2 :sumomo: :kitty2 :sumomo:
    9. I bought a SDF body from Sixfried. Great communication, smooth transaction, he was shipped really fast and she kept me updated on things. I would most definitely deal with Sixfried again X3. Thanks so much!
    10. I sold Sixfried my vampire Lu-Wen head <3
      She is so friendly & paid promptly, even let me know that he arrived safely.
      Thank you ^^ Reccommended buyer, very sweet person!
    11. I sold my Soom Kyrie "Never mind" full set to Sixfried, she was wonderful! She was very communicative and let me know when she arrived. I would be happy to do business with her again.

      Thank you, Sixfried!
    12. Sixfriend and I did a trade / payment for my Woosoo head. She kept in constant contact, sent money and heads when she said and my heads were packaged well. Hope you enjoy your woosoo <3 Would deal with again! ^_^
    13. sixfried bought a gem body from me and was very pleasant to deal with - a great transaction ^^
    14. Sold a doll body to Sixfried. Good buyer, very pleasant to work with.
    15. I Just Recieved My Heliot Unicorn Head From Sixfried And Hes Beautiful And Packaged Very Well..i Got This Heliot Head In A Split With Sixfried And I Highly Recommend Her If Your Interested In A Split Shes Doing..sixfried Is Very Kind
    16. I bought a Soom Heliot from Sixfried. Everything went smoothly and he arrived safely to me after some extra padding/packing from Sixfried.
    17. I bought a Soom Kyrie head from sixfried. Trasnsaction was flawless; excellent communication throughout and the head arrived safely packed.
    18. I bought Heliot hooves from Sixfried :) It arrived very well packed and in fine condition! No cracks or anything. Communication was also very quick and nice :)
      Thanks a lot!!!!
    19. I bought an Elysium Axel head from Sixfried. She was very nice and communicated well throughout the transaction.

      We did have a small issue regarding shipping time, but I did receive the head within the Paypal transaction window. There was also some minor damage to the neck hole of the head where it didn't show, that I believe to have been at least in part the result of Elysium's neck hole design, so I didn't hold Sixfried responsible for that. The sculpt and faceup itself looked great and had no problems. I was happy to receive the head (which is fairly rare, I had to look a long time for it) for the price I paid, and I consider any issues resolved. Per DoA guidelines, I am linking the thread where we resolved issues here in the feedback.


      Thanks for selling me one of my most sought-after heads!
    20. I bought an Abadon head from Sixfried. The understanding was excellent, resulting in quite a fast deal. She was also a very flexible seller. The package arrived very quickly!! Furthermore, when I opened the box I found a pair of crystal eyes as a gift!! It was so kind of her! I have no doubt that Sixfried is a seller to be recommended.:):)