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Feedback for Sizzlebrain

Jul 1, 2010

    1. Hi, so this is the feedback for me(Sizzlebrain)!:D
      For any people who trade with me or who I buy from.
    2. Reserved for use!
    3. Bought a body from sizzlebrain. Transaction went VERY well. Body was extremely well packaged with plenty of bubble wrap. It came in the amount of time she said it would. I am very happy with the body as is the head it was bought for. Resin match is spot-on. I couldn't be happier!
    4. Sizzlebrain adopted one of my Littlefee boys. We did a layaway and she was very good. It was rough in spots but she always came thorough. Would do business with her again no problem.
    5. [FONT=&quot]sizzlebrain participated in the Den of Angels 6th Anniversary Swap. Unfortunately, she did not send a gift to her partner, and therefore must receive flakey feedback.
    6. D:< we had an arrangement where she was making a custom outfit for me, she was supposed to send me pictures of the outfit after she finished she never did so, nor have I herd from her or received the outfit and its been over a month, shes not responding to my PM's so she took my money and ran so I'm giving her poor feedback. Do not count on this person as a seamstress