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Feedback for Skada

Nov 5, 2008

    1. LJ Feedback will be collected here : <a href=http://dark-skada.livejournal.com/51376.html>http://dark-skada.livejournal.com/51376.html</a>
    2. I just traded with Skada for a dollie and it was a very easy, enjoyable deal. She is a very nice, communicative member.

      :dance :celebrate for Skada!
    3. She was totally awesome in everyway, helping me to bring my little skink girl home. Her kindness hadme in tears at times! I'd definitely recommend her highly!
    4. Skada participated in my Dollmore group order. Friendly to deal with and quick payment. Thank you again!
    5. Skada bought some tiny sized clothing and shoes from me. Paid quickly and very friendly to work with. Thanks a bunch.

    6. Skada participated in my Iplehouse group order. Once again great transaction!
    7. Skada bought some eyes from me and was a joy to do business with! she was so friendly had great communication and paid quickly. she let me know immediately when she got the eyes. a perfect transaction! <33
      thank you!
    8. Skada participated in my luts group order and once again fab transaction! thanks again
    9. Skada purchased a Delf Abadon from me. She let me know immediately when there was going to be an issue with payment then paid ASAP once she could. Communication was always pleasant and perfect. Would not hesitate to do business with again.
    10. Skada purchased a custom fur wig from me, and she was a joy to work with through the whole process! She provided pictures and descriptions for the wig, and was wonderfully patient waiting for the custom work to be finished. Also prompt with payment, and kind enough to let me know when the wig arrived and post photos in my feedback thread.

      It was a treat to work with her, and I'd do it again any day!
    11. Great transaction with Skada who purchased a wig from me. Payment was quick and communication was good. An excellent buyer. Thank you!
    12. Skada bought 4 pair eyes from me, it was a smooth and pleasant transaction. Thanks so much!!
    13. Skada participated in my recent Leekworld & For My Doll GOs. Always great communication and quick payment. Thank you again.
    14. Skada participated in my Luts GO. Great communication & quick payment. Always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you again!
    15. Skada joined my recent Leeke group order. It was a pleasure having Skada in the order. Super friendly and pleasant communication, fast payments, and all around wonderful. Thank you so much!

    16. Skada bought Soom Goss/Thera hooves from me, the transaction was great!
      Fast payment, very good communication. I recommend her!
      Thank you! :)
    17. Skada participated in my Dollmore GO. Her payments were on time, as always. Will continue to do business with her. :)
    18. Skada purchased my RealFee Pano with mint goat legs. They were wonderful to work with and would definitely recommend them.