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Feedback for Skitsofrenika

Jan 3, 2009

    1. I sold a Unoa Fer to Skitsofenika.

      It was a excellent transaction, fast payment and informed me when it arrived. Was very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Definately a recommended Buyer.

      Thanks again.
    2. She comissioned a Sleepy Hollow Replica dress from me, and she was very pleasant and payed promptly ^_^ Id gladly take a commission from her again.
    3. I bought an MSD hoodie from this lovely lady xD Shipped it super fast and was lovely. Great transaction and I'd be happy to do business again with you my lovely!
    4. I sold pinafore set to Skitsofenika.
      Everything went smoothly, fast payment and nice person.
    5. I commissioned Skitsofrenika to do my boys Faceup. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Listened to everything i asked her to do. She was prompt and returned my little boys head the next day. Will be most definately doing bussiness with her again :)
    6. Skitsofrenika is an awesome buyer (and friend ^_~)
      I sold her a Bisou Ai and sent free gifts since she was so great to deal with! 8D
      Much love and thanks for being awesome.
    7. I sold a DZ Lola head to Skitsofrenika. Quick payment, great communication! Would do business again with her in a heartbeat. Enjoy your new head!
    8. Skitsofrenika commissioned outfit for her girl Zaoll. We had wonderful contact, she was very friendly and communicative. We didn't have any problems :). I hope, that we'll do more deals in future!! :)
    9. I did a trade with Skitsofrenika, my msd head for her tiny. It was a great transaction she was very friendly and had great communications. Both sides arrived almost the same day. I would not hesitate to trade with her again. Thanks!!
    10. bought a pair of blue glass eyes from skitsofrenika, communication was great, they were promptly shipped, arrived safe and sound and are so much more beautiful than the pictures! thank you!
    11. Skitsofrenika commissioned a bowler hat from me. She was a pleasure to deal with, would work with her any time.
    12. I traded some clothes and other MSD stuff for Skitsofrenika's Dollmore Ciel head. Everything went perfectly, communication was fast and friendly, and she was an all-around pleasure to deal with!
    13. Skitsofrenika commissioned me to paint her lovely Freya <3 She was wonderful to work for and everything went smoothly. Thank you so much!! ^^
    14. I bought a Dollzone Lola head from Skitsofrenika, the communication was really good, and the head arrived less then a week after shipment:) Everything went great^^ Thank you so much:)
    15. I sold a Teru head with a faceup to Skitsofrenika. She was pleasant and wonderful to work with,as always! ^^
    16. I bought her, dollmore vian boy from her, she was so pleasant and friendly! and she shipped him the same day I paid which was super nice of her overall I highly recomend :'3 ( she even put him on hold for me which was really nice thank you)
    17. I purchased a Dollheart fer in mint green from Skitsofrenika for my lovely Madeleine. Communication was awesome and she even asked for regular updates on the shipping :) The shipping was also super quick and the whole purchasing experience was absolutely wonderful.

      I'll definitely deal with Skitsofrenika again ^_^ Thank you!
    18. Skitsofrenika commissioned me to do a gothic themed face up on her Zaoll Muse.

      She was very very friendly and patient throughout the process and payment was done quickly.Perfect!

    19. Skitsofrenika commissioned me for a faceup for her Narsha and it was a very pleasant transaction. Very friendly communication and fast payment, I highly recommend her.
      thank you so much!! ^^