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Feedback for Skittzlez2

Nov 15, 2010

    1. If I bought anything from you or you bought anything from me please leave feedback so I can improve my service ^-^ Thank you!
    2. Bought a Resinsoul Long from me. She was excellent on payment (paid in full), arrived on scheduled time for pick-up, and has SUPER EXCELLENT communication! I would sell or buy to/from her again most definitely! She is highly recommended!
    3. Participated in a swap with Skittzlez...received several items, received by deadline. It was great swapping with you thank you.
    4. I sold some AoD high heel feet to Skittzlez2. Very friendly and communicative buyer who sent payment quickly. I was notified as soon as the feet arrived. I would love to sell to Skittzlez2 again and would happily recommend to anyone. Thanks for a perfect transaction! :thumbup
    5. Skittzlez2 bought an SD top & dress from me. Communication was excellent and very friendly, payment prompt, and she let me know as soon as the items arrived. Highly recommended buyer! Thanks so much! ^__^
    6. Skittlzlez2 bought 3 shirts from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. Highly recommended buyer. Thanks so much!
    7. Skittlzlez2 Was My Partner For Elfmoon's Sleep Over Swap. The Gift Was Verry Nice And Well Thought. It Was Sent Kind Of Late But Other Then That It Was Koo
    8. Skittlez2 participated in my Sleep Over swap.

      She sent her partners nice gifts and communication was excellent!

      She's welcome to join any of my swaps.
    9. We traded 60cm outfits with each other. Everything went well, thanks. ^_^
    10. Sold a Souldoll WS Liddel head to Skittzlez2~ we worked out a short layaway and she let me know when it had arrived to her. Her communication was great and she was such a pleasure to do business with ~ <3
      Thank you for giving this adorable girl a new home!
    11. We traded spare resin parts. Ironically, I didn't realize we'd traded before, until I came in to leave feedback. :P
    12. Skittzlez2 and I had a lovely trade, a wig of mine for a sword prop of hers. Communication went swimmingly and the exchange went so smoothly. Thanks so much Skittzlez2! <3
    13. Skittzlez2 bought my migidoll Mir. She paid in full she is a great communicator. She let me know if the shipment had arrived nice and safely. Great to do any type of transactions an A+ for going trough the whole transaction. I would totally recommend her.
    14. Skittzlez2 bought an SD outfit from me. She paid very quickly and even let me know once the item arrived! Awesome buyer, thanks!
    15. A++++++++++++++ transaction!

      We just finished a perfect partial trade with Skittzlez2 - my Soom Rosette School Fir girl for her clothes, eyes and some cash. Skittzlez2 finished the payments in a timely manner and let me know that her girl arrived even before she showed up in the tracking system. Her end arrived the very next day (today) and all the goodies are absolutely, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Skittzlez2 was so nice to include valuable extras with it, and a note, and a picture - it all is very dear for me and I will keep those in my Personal Tresure Chest. I highly recommend her and will be happy to do business with her again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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