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Feedback for Skunk

Feb 5, 2011

    1. For any future feedback
    2. Skunk bought a doll from me (AR Ren and a Dana head)~

      Paid right away, answered all PMs promptly, and was generally really pleasant to deal with~ Let me know right away when the dolls arrived.

      :aheartbea Thanks for the great transaction :aheartbea
    3. Skunk participated in my recent Iple GO, and they were great to work with! Fast payment, excellent communication...couldn't ask for a better GO member :)
    4. I sold a wig to Skunk. Fast payment, great communication, and let me know when it arrived! Thanks for buying1 I would love to do business with you again!
    5. Skunk participated in my Luts GO! She was very friendly, made her payments promptly, and left me feedback as soon as she got her stuff. ^__^ She was a real pleasure to work with, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again in the future!
    6. POSITIVE: Skunk took part in my SOOM split. Communication was clear, friendly. and concise. Payments were made promptly. I would gladly do business with her again ^_^
    7. Skunk and I did a group order from Bluefairy. She was great to deal with, had great communication and follow-through!
    8. Skunk took the wing parts from my Soom - Bronze Dune Split. She paid on time and had wonderful communication, and overall was a pleasure to do business with. Would love to have her join me again! -- Somni :kitty2
    9. POSITIVE: I bought RS Featherfall Iruhi Head from Skunk. Nice and friendly communication:)
      Very fast shipping. The head is in mint condition. I'm happy!

      Thanks for the pleasent transaction!
    10. Skunk participated in my Soom Nor and Dune split for the fantasy parts. Payment was super quick, communication was great, and was kind enough to let me know when the package arrived. Excellent transaction, thank you!
    11. Skunk participated in my Leeke GO recently and she was fabulous! The poor girl had Leeke contact me several times about the wigs she wanted being out of stock (twice!), but she was blessedly patient with the whole situation, and was a model GO participant! I would love to work with her again in the future!
    12. Skunk was part of a Dollmore group order I hosted. Quick payment, great communication, everything I ask for! Thanks so much!
    13. Sold a soom body to Skunk. Transaction was great! Skunk responded all my pms promptly and kept me updated the status. Thank you!
    14. Purchase Soom Nor/Dune Wings fantasy parts and it was a great transaction! Skunk is a really nice person, very friendly, respond to all my PM´s fast and even went to the post office many times so we culd find the best way to ship to my country! Thank you so much for your patience! I would gladly do business with you again :)
    15. I bought a Soom Shale from Skunk and it was a wonderful transaction. She was willing to do layaway for me and when I had the chance to pay him off, she made sure that he arrived in time to be a Christmas present. Communication was prompt and friendly, the packing was superb. Couldn't have asked for a better encounter. Thank you!
    16. I bought a practice head from Skunk and it was shipped quickly and with great communication. Would definitely do business again!
    17. I bought Skunk's Rosette doll body and it arrived in god time and extremely well wrapped! Thank you for a smooth transaction with good communication!