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Feedback for SkunkMight

Aug 7, 2010

    1. Worked a partial trade with SkunkMight for an AOD Primo. Although she was in the middle of moving, everything went fairly smooth. She was great at keeping up communications. Would work with again.
    2. Hey! If you've traded/purchased from/sold to me and want to leave me some feedback, you are welcome to below ^-^
    3. I sold an Everpurle (now the company is called Aria Doll) Ches-A to SkunkMight. Wonderful to work with! :) Would recommend!
    4. I sold a Dollzone Mo to SkunkMight. The communication was very good and the payment was made on the day she told me.
      A great buyer. 100% Recommended.
    5. I sold an AOD Jimi and DM Kara Klum to SkunkMight. Her communication was wonderful throughout, and despite going through many hardships, she was always working hard to get the payment as promptly as possible. A wonderful person to work with, would (and probably will) work with again!
    6. I sold a MNF Juri '10 head to SkunkMight. There was a lot of communication throughout.

      Very pleased ^_^ Thank you~
    7. She bought my Galena boy.
      communication was ok.
      she didn't pay in time as the terms of payment was.
      She made multiples mistakes in sending the money.
      But in the end she paid everything.
    8. Skunkmight bought a B&G Sapphira head from me. Communication was excellent as we played the long waiting game of clearing e-checks. ;p

      She let me know as soon as he got there. ^_^

      I would certainly sell to her again!
    9. I traded tinies with Skunkmight and she was great to deal with! Communication was excellent and everything was packed very well. I would not hesitate to trade with her again.
    10. I traded an AOD NiNi for SkunkMight's BBB Ariel and sold her two wigs. She has great communication and friendly. She shipped fast and was great to deal with.

      I'd buy/trade from/with her again.
    11. I sold a body to Skunkmight and she was really nice to deal with. She was very friendly, paid right on time and had good communication. I wouldn't hesitate to do another transaction with her. =) Congrats on getting a body for your adorable boy!
    12. I sold a B&G Sunny boy to Skunkmight. She was a wonderful person to work with, and I enjoyed the transaction. She was very polite and she PM'd promptly and informed me about the payments and everything that was happening. I would most certainly do business with her again and would recommend her to anyone! Thank you for a wonderful transaction.
    13. I sold a paid of Nephelin feet/leg parts to Skunkmight <3
      It was an ideal transaction with swift payment & good communication, she was always very friendly & understanding. I would definately recommend her to anyone & gladly do more transactions with in the future xXx
    14. I sold Skunkmight a Bobobie MSD body, and she was a pleasure to deal with. She paid promptly and let me know as soon as the body arrived at her place. -A great DOA member to do business with : )
    15. I sold an MSD dragon kimono to Skunkmight. She paid quickly and lets me know when they had arrived :)
    16. SkunkMight adopted my Soom Grit boy and couldn't be happier he found this wonderful new home. Thanks so much! :)
    17. I bought a Bobobie sprite blue body from SkunkMight; shipping took a while but that was partially due to bad storms and a postal strike!
      The doll was wrapped and shipped very well; couldn't be happier. Thanks!
    18. Sold an outfit and wig to SkunkMight, communication was great and she paid right away. Would do business with again! :)
    19. Purchased a LOOONGGG white wig of doom from me. She was patient with Canada Post delays, and with my shipping schedule. Quick payment and always pleasant to message with. Thanks!!
    20. I sold some clothing to SkunkMight and it was a perfect transaction, thank you :)