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Feedback for Sky_Stars

Nov 30, 2011

    1. Hi! ^_^ This is my feedback thread:)
    2. Sky_stars recently participated in a LUTS Group Order I organized for my local area. She met all the deadlines I had set (ordering, paying, picking up) and was a pleasure to work with. Would definately love to have her participate in future Group Orders !!!:fangirl:
    3. Bought a Pipos Bao from Sky_Stars. Communication was propt and friendly and he was sent out quickly. I would definately buy again from her.
    4. Sky_Star and I did a trade, my littefee bisou for her Luts delf witch kitty! The transaction was flawless and I am so happy with my kitty! I would do business with her again anytime! ^_^ Thank you!
    5. Sky_Star commisioned a face-up from me and everything went great. She was very clear about what she wanted and sent the head well-packed. I would work w/ her again!
    6. Sky_Stars and I traded dolls and everything went beautifully! I can't say enough about how gorgeous the blushing job is on the Pyrol body! It arrived super fast and even came with an adorable little outfit! Thank you so much, I highly recommend her ^_^
    7. I bought a Soom Aenigma from Sky_Stars. Everything was great! She shipped quickly, had great communication, and was very understanding when I made a mistake. Definitely an asset to the MP!
    8. I just bought my first doll from Sky_Stars. Shipping was super fast and my doll was very very well packed. I spent a good amount of time unraveling her from bubble wrap. Sky_Stars sent the wig that I had payed extra for in the little plastic wig box it came with. And the dolls eyes were secured nicely in the head.

      The Doll is beautiful! She looks just like she did in the pictures and more stunning in person. Sky_Stars even sent me a little pair of dolly shoes, knowing this was my first doll. She mentioned she was thinking of dying them purple to match the outfit my girl came in.

      Sky_Stars was polite and a pleasure to work with. :) I would buy again.
    9. Sky_Stars purchased a Kid Delf Wintery 2012 Event head from me, and we had a perfect transaction. She paid very promptly and was pleasant throughout the entire deal. I would definitely do business with her again. :)
    10. Sky_Stars participated in my Dollmore group order. Quick payments and friendly communication. Thank you again!
    11. I bought a Bluefairy Shiny Fairy Benjamin from Sky_Stars. She was fantastic to work with. The doll was in great condition and she shipped right away.
    12. Sky_stars bought a Peakswoods monthly fairy from me and the transaction was smooth and she was great to communicate with. Thank you!
    13. I bought a lovely Littlefee Luna from Sky_stars. I am very pleased with her. It was a very smooth transaction and I am happy to recommend this seller.
    14. Sky_stars participated in a GO that I ran. Payment went quickly and smoothly and everything went great! Thanks again!