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Feedback for Skye and Requiem

Jun 14, 2007

    1. Hello! Please leave some feedback if you've had transactions with us! Thanks :daisy
    2. I sent my MSD Ken to Skye and Requiem for a Day's of Freedom faceup. Their communication was great, turnaround time was fast, and my boy now has a beautiful faceup. I couldn't recommend them more.
    3. I just received a beautiful jewellery set from Skye and Requiem. They were wonderful to deal with and answered all my questions quickly. The Baroque set I purchase/commissioned from them is stunning~ (I will add some pictures once my SD girl gets here!) I was also very impressed with the packaging.

      I definately reccommend buying from Skye and Requiem! ♥
    4. Bought a beautiful pair of necklaces from Skye and Requiem. Great communication and prompt shipping, not to mention that they packed the items with much care. I would love to deal with them again~
    5. Today I received a beautifully constructed piece of jewelry and a free gift from The Atrium shop. Not only was I thoroughly impressed by the piece, but I was also impressed by the adorable, protective packaging! They pack their things with such care and creativity. I was very surprised and thrilled!

      As for the actual transaction: My questions were kindly and quickly answered and my purchase was shipped out in a hurry. I will definitely buy from them again! I've never been so impressed by a marketplace shop as I am impressed with theirs. Well done!
    6. I commissioned them to make me a custom jewelry, and it arrived today with a free gift! The piece itself is gorgeous, and the package it came with was very cute! I'm agreeing with Luxury, they really do pack their things with care and creativity. I'll be keeping the box and pillow, just because it's so adorable.

      The transaction itself ran very smoothly, with the piece finished within a week. I was updated with many photos of their work, and I'm very pleased with the outcome. I'll be buying from them again in the future ^^
    7. I commissioned a faceup for my MnF Lishe. Communication was fantastic as well as them working with me to get my Lishe's faceup the way I envisioned it. My head arrived well packaged in a cute box and a little note. The whole process took about 2 weeks from them receiving the head, painting, and me receiving the head. I am very happy with the whole experience and I highly recommend Skye and Requiem :)

    8. It was only a matter of time before I bought from these two again. Their things are so beautiful. I received my item packaged as beautifully as the first necklace I received from them. I was also surprised to find this adorable cell phone charm made by them as a gift for being their first returning customer. I had no idea I was the first, but I was so grateful to receive the gift and the amazing necklace I had purchased.

      I love their work, and I know for certain that I'll be purchasing from them again in the future. Thanks so much, you two! I hope the two of you will be very successful in all the things you do.<3
    9. Thank you for offering such beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. Both pieces I bought were well packaged in a gift box and arrived quickly. I'm definitely looking forward to buying more in the future! &#9829;
    10. The most amazingly beautiful necklace ever! Thank you for a great transaction.
    11. I commissioned Skye and Reqiuem for some jewelry sets and they were very fast and helpful in their work and accommodating me. The jewelry was shipped in an adorable gift box and they packaged everything so well and professional. They are excellent to deal with. Thank you~
    12. Thank you for another wonderful transaction and a beautiful, unique piece of BJD jewelry! &#9829;
    13. Skye participated in my August 4D order, and it was a great experience. Great communication, quick payment--I'd recommend this international buyer any time-thanks again for participating in the order, and if you ever would like to be in another 4D order, you are more than welcome!
    14. Bought gorgeous headpiece it was shipped fast and packed in an adorable box. And both are very friendly to deal with ^^.
      Thank you both!!
    15. Commissioned Requiem for a headpiece and braclet set and they have been absolutely helpful and patient with my many requests and enquires, not to mention generous as well. Definately a A+++++ seller! Thumbs Up!!

    16. Bought a gorgeous necklace from Skye and Requiem. The piece is totally beautiful, they shipped in a timely manner, and the piece was very carefully wrapped.
      Thank you so much! I'll be keeping an eye on your future releases. :)

      Also, Requiem participated in my DollGa group order. Prompt payment and smooth communication; it was a delight to work with her. Totally recommended. :)
    17. I bought another piece from the Atrium sisters and they were really kind to me in developing a piece to go with the piece I bought. I am extremely happy with the transaction and they're always a pleasure to work with *^^* Thank you!
    18. Skye was in my Leeke World GO. She kept good communication and paid promptly when asked. I would definitely deal with her again in the future!

      Thanks for participating! :)
    19. I bought a headband from Skye and Requiem and it came in a really really cute box and cute note and OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH ! the headband is great. Great communication, fast shipment and very friendly ~

      Thank You so much !
    20. Whew! I'm sorry if the review is coming late, computer blew up in flames (literally)

      I bought a lovely necklace from Skye. She was so sweet and even kept it for me when I had money problems and that I had to wait for the money to be transfered to my paypal account. The item arrived fast and packaged in an adorable box with a pillow!

      I love the necklace! Thank you Skye! I will definably do more business with you :)