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Feedback for SlayersHeart98

Mar 6, 2009

    1. Hello, If you have a transaction with me please leave your feedback here:)
      Thanks a bunch!
    2. SlayersHeart98 bought a DZ Leo from me, she is an awesome buyer, paid fast and has excellent communication. Thanks!!
    3. I sold a DZ Luna & Leo to SlayersHeart98 she was amazing and wonderful to work with and I highly recomend her to everyone. Thank you again for everything!
    4. slayerheart98 bought a pair of eyes from me and she's a great buyer. Her payment was
      promt, communication was great, and most of all very very understanding!!!!
      I made some boo boo with shipping and she was extremely understaning from the beginning to the end. thank you so much!!!
    5. Bought a body from slayerheart98. It was packaged very well, sent quickly, and as descibed. A+ transaction, and I would definetly buy from her again!
    6. SlayersHeart98 bought Volks Suiseiseki fullset with layaway. During the transaction she kept communication very well, paid promptly every month even the layaway ended 1 month earlier.
      Thank you so much for smooth and wonderful transaction. I'd definitely recommended her to anyone! :aheartbea
    7. SlayersHeart98 sold me a Luts Wintery head.

      Her communication is great, and when I payed she shipped really quick.
      She was more than happy to work with me, finding trade items and was patient while I took pictures. She was understanding and tried to help me as much as possible with everything.

      The Wintery is just beautiful, and just as described. I'm so happy with it <3

      I definitely look forward to buying from SlayersHeart98 again!
    8. SlayersHeart98 purchased a SD sized head from me on layaway and we had a pleasant transaction. Communication was well kept and payments were sent when promised. A fabulous transaction completed. :D

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your purchase! :pcake:bcake
    9. I bought a Jimi ver2 head from SlayersHeart98, and I am very happy with the transaction! The communication was great, the head was packaged VERY well, and SlayersHeart98 was a dear throughout! Buy with confidence! :D
    10. I bought an AOD head from SlayersHeart98, and the transaction was flawless. She shipped quickly, packaged the head very well, and the head is in perfect condition. I would not hesitate to buy from SlayersHeart98 anytime!
    11. This is my second transaction with SlayersHeart98!

      I ordered an AoD Qian from SlayersHeart98, and she came VERY quickly! Carrie is a wonderful seller! She is extremely accommodating to the needs of her buyers, and always comes through! I highly recommend buying from SlayersHeart98! Don't hesitate! She definitely won't let you down!! ^-^
    12. I had a wonderful transaction with Slayersheart98! She bought a Souseiseki outfit from me via 3 month's layway, and she payed in time every payment she was supposed to pay without any delays. :3 She was very sweet and kind in her replies, it was a pleasure to talk with her. :3
      Thank you so much for this transaction, and I hope that you and your dolls will enjoy the outfit! <3
    13. Bought a beautiful doll from Slayersheart98, she shipped her super fast and the doll is wonderful!! I love, love, love her! Thank you!
    14. SlayersHeart98 bought a minimee MSD Edward Elric head from me, she was fast with communication and payment and let me know when he arrived and left feedback without prompting. Thanks!
    15. SlayersHeart98 participated in my Kristen Stewart Minimee Order - her communication was faultless and payment was prompt. She was also a valuable contributor to the discussions and all up an asset to the group order. Thank you for such an easy process.
    16. SlayersHeart98 sold me a beautiful Soah head. It was shipped right away and arrived safe and sound...gorgous head. Thanks!!!!
    17. I sold my dolls to SlayersHeart98
      she kept her promise for layaway very well and I enjoyed talking to her thr PMs during our transaction
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thanks, SlayersHeart98 ! *^_^* & very sorry for late feedback ! *^_^;;*
    18. I purchased an Elfdoll Special Soah Reminiscence Head from SlayersHeart98. Communication was prompt and helpful with my assorted questions. Shipment was prompt as well, my head arrived fast and was well packaged. The head was, as advertised, never opened and in perfect condition. It was a joy to work with SlayersHeart98.

      It's a beautiful new look for Ginger, thanks!
    19. I purchased an ELfDoll Sooah from SlayersHeart and she was exactly as described, shipped quickly and packaged carefully. A wonderful transaction and a highly recomended person to conduct dollie business with!
    20. I just bought a Mina head from Slayersheart98. It was a great transaction all around, generous layaway terms, and fast shipping. Thanks!