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Feedback for sleep_pattern & eating.dust aesthetics

Nov 21, 2006

    1. All feedback for the selling/buying/trading activities of Aberfoyle and Rose here, please. :)

      Bought from:
      + Ryokokoro
      + Pakouchan
      + Lachlana
      + Kittymaru
      + St. James
      + Aichu
      -* dragondavy1 (Another Space Group Order)
      timchener (Iplehouse Group Order)
      + morbidollz
      + Brennil
      + Hat-chan
      + SDink
      + Yumedust [Free Face-up. Not really a purchase, but you get the idea.]

      Sold to:
      + Rillystar (B-el Body; recieved)
      + Died (Unola Azurite; recieved)
      + Nirote (WS Kid Delf Body; recieved)
      + Kir (Unola Flourite; recieved)
      - AngelDemon (NS CP Aru; recieved)
      + Ravendancer26.2 (CP Elf Chiwoo Head; recieved)
      sakuracha (CP Elf Chiwoo Vamp Head; in progress)
      + Kyane (WS CP Aru Head; recieved)
      + Ragsolith (Volks MSD Schulze head; recieved)
      + littlesam (Iplehouse Girl Jeans)

      + will deal with again
      -will not deal with again
      -* will not buy from
      [no symbol] transactions not yet complete
    2. Omg, I'm the first! :fangirl:

      Anyway, I'm leaving my feedback here as a seller and would like to say that these two are excellent buyers. I mean, aside from the typical "paid in a timely manner" that's due, they've been really easy to correspond with and are just plain likeable. :aheartbea Nobody need worry about selling to Abs and Rose. I had no problems with them, whatsoever. :)
    3. Sincerely just LOVEABLE!! <3

      Over the course of a good month, I feel Ive made some wonderful new friends and would love to do buisness with again. I had no problems getting hold of either, and had many great conversations! ^.^ Would highly recommend!!

    4. bought a lovely Unoa boy body from these lovely ladies :)

      very easy to communicate with and wow the box was packed so well! Thanks again for a great transaction!
    5. Sold rings to Abs and it was a pleasure to do so! Excellent communications and speedy payment!
      Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    6. I sold a wig to Abs and Rose--lovely to do business with, quick payment, smooth transaction, welcome back any time! Enjoy! :)
    7. I sold a pair of Doll Heart shoes to Abs and Rose. Communication was fantastic, and payment quick. Thank you both!
    8. I bought their BW Aru CP boy's body... They shipped him out right away after they got the payment and he arrived looking great. :3

      I would definitely buy from them again. It was so hassle-free. x3
    9. Fantastic transaction! I bought from Abs and Rose, they were so kind to wait a while for my payment, once received, they shipped immediatly!
      thanks, would definitely buy again ^^

    10. I bought a whole CP Aru doll and the service with sleep_pattern was nice... I would buy from them again if they have anything to sell again. :)

    11. Recently sold an item to Abs & Rose, and it was a pleasant, perfect transaction~
      Very friendly, and just a pleasure to deal with. Thank you! :}
    12. I bought a KD Aru head: nice service, and very quickly ^^
      Great seller!!!!
    13. I bought the litte Epona (Unola Flourite) and she arrived with a lot of extras and very fast :).
      The doll is even more beautiful than in th pictures that theysent me. I may add that I requested more pics that they took for me ;).
      I can only say Big thanks for letting me adopt her.
    14. Woot!! Got my Elf Chiwoo head today. It was very easy transaction and I would recommend Abs and Rose as very reliable sellers. ^w^ thanks so much <3
    15. Heya! Bought my MSD Schulze head from Abs & Rose and the transaction was excellent! There was excellent communication every step of the way and the head was wrapped very, very well. :D

      Thank you so much! ;D
    16. Bought a suit from me, speedy payment and lovely communication, thanks!
    17. Bought a shirt from me, awesome to work with!
    18. abs and rose are such sweeties, i just finished a face-up for them and it was a perfectly smooth transaction! thanks guys! :aheartbea
    19. Super fast and very nice seller. Great to deal with ^_^
    20. sleep_pattern is a very talented customizer, she did a wonderful job on my Elf Chiwoo. He's so cute now :3 I will definitely commission again!