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feedback for Sm.

Nov 18, 2006

    1. Since I plan on buying/selling/trading for a while yet, I should probably keep a feedback thread somewhere, huh? ^_^;

      Sooo~, if you've had some kind of transaction with me, please leave feedback! :3 (I will, of course, do the same for you! And if I haven't...bug me about it with a PM because I probably couldn't find a link! xD)

    2. Sm. offered me a wig for my boy after I posted a WTB thread. It was just as described, and she sent it really fast, in all I couldn't have asked for a better transaction ^-^

      Thanks again!
    3. I bought a CP BW girl body off Sm. and I was really pleased with the transaction! She followed my every wish and whim, and I would certainly have business with her again if given the oppertunity. ^^
    4. Sm. commissioned me for a face-up alteration, the transaction went smoothly. She's indeed great to deal with ^^

    5. Sm bought a shirt from us and the transaction went very smoothly. Prompt payment and a pleasure to deal with.
    6. I saw Sm wishing she had 16mm green eyes for her Jeong and offered for trade my 16mm green for her 16mm greengrey. Lost a PM during the way, but it went smoothly! Can't ask for a better trade!
    7. Good communication, wig arrived quickly and wellpacked.
      I would definitely buy from Sm. again if given the opportunity!
    8. Purchased a pair of eyes from Sm. They arrived very, very quickly and in perfect (safely packed) condition. I'd gladly make another purchase in the future.
    9. I bought Sm.'s Miyu head back in January, I paid her for it on a Wednesday evening and recieved it Friday afternoon! She was very pleasant throughout the whole transaction and was quite willing to work with me so I would be able to buy from her! I will definately do business with her again if I have the opprotunity.
    10. I bought two wigs from Sm., a MSD wig and a Delf wig and they were both gorgeous. In perfect shape and well-protected. She was a total doll to work with and I hope we can do business again. :D
    11. I ordered a wig off of Sm. She was very nice and shipping was fast. I hope to buy from her again.
    12. I bought a wig from Sm. ^^ It was shipped very quickly and in amazing condition. I would recommend Sm. as a seller. :)
    13. I bought two wigs from Sm. Communication was very friendly, and the wigs arrived quickly, exactly as described! Would definitely buy from again! ^_^
    14. I sold to Sm. a pair of BW Luts hands. Sm. is a incredible buyer, very patient and all went perfect! Thank you a lot!
    15. I sold Sm. a unoa faceplate. She was very communicative and just a great buyer!
    16. I just bought some Soom eyes from Sm. She kept me well informed about the eyes and their shipping. I would buy from her again. Thanks!
    17. Bought some clothing from me in a quick, totally pleasant transaction, and let me know when it arrived! Thank you so much! ^_^
    18. I sold a pair of eyes to her. Great buyer, as always. Thank you!! :D
    19. Sm. joined a group order I organized, great communications, fast pay, thank you for being patient.:aheartbea
    20. Another perfect and hassle free transaction. Thanks again!