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Feedback for Smudge

Oct 22, 2009

    1. Please leave any feedback for me below. Many thanks.
    2. I sold two wigs to smudge and all was perfect with a nice communication and a fast payment. Thanks so much !
    3. I bough a wig from smudge good communication and the wig is beautiful thank you!!
    4. i sold Smudge some lati dresses i made. transaction was perfection, fast payment, prompt communication. overall a big +!
    5. Smudge - bought some glas eyes from me !
      The communication was awesome, paid quick.
      I totally recommend as a buyer! Thanks again !!!! :D
    6. I sold a wig to smudge and she was very fast with her payment and is very friendly. A joy to deal with! Thanks :)
    7. Smudge bought some LittleFee hands from me! She was quick and clear in communication, paid right away, and let me know as soon as they arrived. Thank you, Smudge!
    8. Smudge bought a lati wig from me and everything was perfect as usual! It is such a joy dealing with her. Prompt payment and very nice communication. Thanks so much!
    9. smudge purchased a LTF faceplate from me, she paid promptly and communication was friendly :) I'd recommend her to anyone and wouldn't hesitate doing business with again! Thank you so much for a very pleasant transaction :D
    10. Smudge bought a pair of Yo-sd shoes and a pair of MSD shoes. She is a very nice person to deal with, paid promptly, and communication was lovely. I would definitely like to work with her again in the marketplace! :)
    11. smudge bought some msd shoes from me. Payment was fast, communication was excellent and smudge has been excellent to deal with I highly recommend smudge ^__^
    12. Smudge bought a LTF Sleeping Leah faceplate from me. Communication was excellent, payment was quick and she waited patiently for it to arrive since it was traveling overseas (no easy task especially without a tracking number!) Once it arrived, she let me know that everything made it safe and sound. It was a wonderful transaction and I'd definitely do it again. Highly recommended!
    13. i bought a wig from smudge,great seller,posted it fast and arrived in good condition,well packed
    14. Bought a Bambicrony Ozzy's Kumi from Smudge. Excellent communication on all fronts -- she was very fair about negotiating, packed up the doll beautifully & shipped promptly. Scrupulously returned a postage overpayment due to the Royal Mail's miscalculation, which I probably wouldn't have noticed. Could not ask for a better transaction!
    15. I´m so sorry to give this feedback soooo late but here we go:

      I had Smudge for christmas swap partner, (Lati Yellow) and Lilla My and
      I was VERY HAPPY, a sweet dress and some pets..exactly what she wanted

      I do hope to swap with you again.
    16. I was partners with Smudge in the '2011 Spring LittleFee Swap', the gifts she sent Darla was truly beautiful, wow!
      Everything was perfect and sent on time. Thank you so much for making Darla feel so special!
    17. :sumomo:I sold smudge a pukipuki outfit and she paid immediately. She was kind enough to let me know when it arrived and was very nice to deal with. Thanks smudge!
    18. smudge purchased a 6/7 inch Leeke wig from me. Payment was prompt and she kindly let me know when the item had arrived! I'd love to do business with her again. Thank you! :)
    19. I sold a Littlefee Lishe faceplate to smudge, which was such a nice buyer, paid quickly and let me know when the package had arrived. Also she was very friendly to talk with and I´d be happy to deal with her any time again. My best recommends and thanks for pleasant transaction! :)
    20. Smudge participated in my Dollmore GO and was lovely to seal with from start to finish. Comunication was friendly and polite, payments were swift and she let me know as soon as her stuff arrived!

      I highly recommend her as a GO member!