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Feedback for Sniffles ~

Dec 16, 2006

    1. I bought TONS of stripey socks from Sniffles and they are so cute!! :D
      They came fast, communication was excellent and the package came with cute Christmas wrapping and a little extra!

      Thanks so much, it was a real pleasure buying from you! ^________^
    2. *nods* Sniffles makes great socks, and is a wonderful human being. Besides, she can pose dolls standing on one hand. ;>)
    3. Purchased a cute pair of blue and white socks. Not only are they adorable, but she kept great contact and they were shipped so fast! o.o" Thank you so much!
    4. i got some socks from sniffles ^^ they were great and she even threw in a extra pair <33333333333333333333 she was great to work with ^^
    5. I bought a pair of socks from sniffles! Fast replies and fast shipping too~ thanks ^^
    6. I bought a whole slew of stripey socks from sniffles and they're just great!! :fangirl: Well made, great quality, and a super deal. I'll be back for more for sure!! :sumomo:
    7. I bought a pair of socks from Sniffles and they're lovely. She kept in contact and was lovely to deal with ^^~
    8. I bought 2 pairs of stockings and 2 pairs of armwarmers and they are lovely. I may end up buying a bunch more :D
    9. I got some stockings and arm-warmers, both were nicely made and shipped super-fast. Very communicative, pleasant to do business with. If you need stockings, get them from Sniffles! ^_^
    10. I ordered a couple pairs of socks and they're perfect! We had great communication, and they were shipped very quickly and with great packaging. Lovely. :D
    11. Sniffles is the best! My order came here super fast AND she put a little thank-you card as well! ^^
      Oh! Her prices are the BEST! If you need stripey socks, definately go to Sniffles!!

      Thanks Sniffles!!
    12. Sniffles makes awesome socks. She's so nice and ships them off fast!!
      Will definitely be buying more socks^^
    13. I definitely recommend Sniffles for all your stripey leg/arm warmers/socks needs. She ships fast, is a wonder to communicate with and her goods are in great quality. ^^

      I love the legwarmers I received and so does my girl.
    14. Received my stripey armwarmers today and am very happy with them~ They are adorable and well made. Very sweet seller~ Will be back for more stripey goodness soon. :3 Thanks!
    15. I boght some armwarmers and socks from sniffles recently and they're adorable. <3
    16. I have bought socks from Sniffles and they are great. I just put in another order!
    17. I just got my stockings and arm-warmers from Sniffles, they are beautiful, Stripeylicious! :lol: And she's really nice too :) I think I'm going to get some more!!! :lol:
    18. I bought a pair of tights and armwarmers from Sniffles. Beautiful items, lovely packaging. Great seller.
    19. Sorry for posting this so late but I actually got my socks and arm warmers a few days ago :D
      Actually came pretty fast and they are the perfect color :whee:
      Shall send some lovely pic spams to the store thread later :)
    20. I definitely recommend Sniffles...I ordered 3 set of socks and armwarmers from her and I love them!
      Great quality, super fast shipping and good friendly communication...THANK YOU!!! :daisy