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Feedback for Snowman

Mar 2, 2009

    1. Please post your feedback here if you have bought or sold from/to me.

      Thanks! ^_^
    2. I sold a Volks Yo-SD costume to snowman, and it was a really great transaction! She was very friendly and prompt in PMs, and she paid right away, as well as letting me know when the outfit arrived. :) I'd be glad to do business with her again!
    3. Sold a doll head to her and a wig, very fast feedback left for me. Fast payment all went very well. A+
    4. I sold a doll head to Snowman and it was a pleasant transaction. She paid quickly and always had great communication. I would do business with her again.
    5. I sold May a Littlefee Ante plate. She was very friendly and wonderful to do business with. :)
    6. :thumbup I sold snowman a LittleFee Piki faceplate and it was a perfect transaction. She paid quickly, was very friendly and informed me when she received it.
      I just love when everything goes so smoothly.
      Thank you!! :)
    7. Terrific buyer ! I hope deal with you again ! thx ! aishi'
    8. I bought a feeple ns girl body from Snowman, and the transaction couldn't be any better!
      She was very fast and sweet with her replies to my pm's, and she sent the package super fast! There was a problem with the tracking number, and as I got worried about the package, she was kind enough to go to the post office and ask them about it, without even asking!
      The doll was super well covered and packed, and the doll was almost in mint condition as she promised. No flaws, nothing but perfect condition.

      I HIGHLY recommen Snowman!
      Thank you so much for everything~ <3
    9. Snowman took part in my Littlefee split, and the transaction went smoothly.

      Fast payment, excellent communication, very nice and friendly, a real pleasure to deal with!

      Thanks so much <3
    10. I had very smooth transaction with Snowman.
      She bought YoSD Nana from me and paid very fast within minutes!!
      Polite and friendly personality which made me very easy during the transaction.
      I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SNOWMAN as a terrific buyer!!
      Thank you very much!
    11. [SIZE="-10"]Snowman took part in two Littlefee full package splits, both in my sixth Fairyland group order. Communication was flawless and payments were made promptly. An excellent buyer to match an excellent transaction. :) I'd work with them again without hesitation!

      :clover Thank you for participating in one of my group orders! :clover
    12. This member participated in my GO! and made prompt payments. Highly recommended.
    13. I had a great transaction with snowman!:fangirl:
      She bought a doll from me and she paid promptly.Snowman is a very kind and reliable buyer!Many thanks again!:smallcake
    14. Sold my Yo-SD to her, payment made as promised, let me know that Linn arrived safely in her new home. Just a wonderful transaction, thanks so much.
    15. I bought a Yo boy body from Snowman and the transaction was wonderful. She was willing to split a doll, very awesome with her price, she shipped him when she said she would and was great with communication. And the body was very well packed when I got it.

      All in all she's a great seller. :aheartbea
    16. Excellent transaction with Snowman who purchased some Soom Eliv parts from me. Payment was very fast and communication was great. An A+ buyer. Thank you!
    17. snowman bought a swd nana yosd from me,lovely buyer,paid promptly and let me know when the doll arrived seller,lovely transaction,thank you very much,a pleasure to sell to,

    18. had to edit due to spelling mistake:doh
    19. snowman took part in one of my Fairyland GOs, and was very friendly and prompt with her payments, and let me know the instant her package arrived! Definitely recommended! :)
    20. I sold a Soom Glot to snowman communication was fantastic and payment was prompt, all around an excellent buyer and transaction, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!