Feedback for Snyblind

Nov 24, 2016

    1. I couldnt find a feedback thread for this awesome person :) Snyblind bought a Beyours/Mirodoll hybrid from me, she was very quick with payment, super polite and a lovely person during the whole transaction and messaged me as soon as the doll arrived. If you want an honest and smooth transaction Id definitely recommend Snyblind. I wouldnt hestitate to do business with her again :)
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    2. Snyblind bought my Doll Chateau Larry. She paid promptly and was helpful throughout the process. She was very friendly, kind, and easy to converse with. She let me know as soon as the doll arrived and it was very pleasant and enjoyable to work with her! I would definitely do business with her anytime. :)
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    3. I just had a wonderful transaction with Snyblind. She bought my Minifee RFA head and paid right away. She was quick to respond to PMs and was very friendly! She even let me know when it arrived safely to her. I highly recommend doing business with her :3nodding:
    4. Bought a mirodoll body from her and it was great. Fast communication, fast shipping, well packed! Great experience and would love doing more business in the future. Thank you!