Feedback for So.Spice

Jan 2, 2021

    1. Please leave feedback you have for me <3 thank you so much!
    2. F E E D B A C K : P O S I T I V E
      So.Spice messaged me regarding if I might have any petit gems for sale and, at the time, I was actually downsizing so I had some for her to choose to purchase. She ended up choosing a Leepy and was prompt with payments and had wonderful quick communication. Once she received the doll, she informed me and left a feedback for me as well. I would recommend doing future transactions with them!​
      Communication ★★★★★
      Payment time ★★★★★
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    3. Feedback: Postive

      she bought my soom Rudy from me on layaway and was prompt with each payment without needing to be reminded. She was pleasant and let me know when the doll was received. I would sell to her again.
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