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Feedback for Sofi

Mar 2, 2011

    1. Please leave feedback for me ^_^
    2. I just finished a wonderful transaction with Sofi!

      I replied to Sofi's WTB in the large doll marketplace - for a French Resin Limhwa Half Elf.
      She replied promptly - and bought my lovely doll. Sofi's communication with me was always
      very friendly and she was very responsive. Her payment was super quick and her doll
      shipped, via EMS fully insured, to Moscow on 23April2011. After a surprisingly fast trip through
      Russian Customs, Sofi emailed me today (4May2011) to let me know that she'd arrived in
      perfect condition and that she was happy with her! Sofi even sent me a lovely photo of her
      all dressed up!! :)

      THANK YOU Sofi for a WONDERFUL transaction!!!
      Robyn_in_WA :)