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Feedback for Soft_Poison

Apr 12, 2010

    1. There seems to be no feedback thread existing for Soft_Poison, so I've decided to make one myself ^_^

      I commissioned a faceup from Soft_Poison in early February. I sent it out on the 6th and it arrived to the Netherlands fast; only to be stuck in customs for 3 weeks. Soft_Poison did a lot to get it out of customs as fast as she could: she called numerous times, was on the phone for countless minutes (hours?), and then actually wrote a letter to get my head to her home.
      After the head was safe, she started on the faceup. The faceup was executed just as I asked, and in good time. She shipped it back via TNT.
      The only problem I had was the shipping box she used (it was some kind of cardboard-plastic?). The box was not suitable for overseas shipping, and it's flimsy-ness caused some damages to my head and the faceup.
      HOWEVER. Upon hearing of this Soft_Poison immediately contacted me and asked what she could do for help. She assures me the package was insured and has offered to call or go the the post office and see if I can get any money to make up for the damages.
      She has been more than lovely, extremely kind, and very responsible. I would gladly commission her again (with reassurance I would be getting my items shipped in a better box! xD). I was her first customer in America, so the problems that arose were not her fault and she should not be blammed for them. I appreciate everything she has done for me up to this point. ♥

      If you have bought anything from, or sold anything to Soft_Poison, please leave a comment here! Obviously yours doesn't have to be as detailed as mine, but I thought I'd share the situation considering people were concerned anyways.

    2. I commissioned faceups for no less than seven, that's right seven, heads from Soft_Poison! As in I<3MySD's experience there was an issue with customs releasing my heads. Once again, Soft_Poison spent a large amount of time and effort making sure that my heads made it through customs as rapidly as possible. She then worked tirelessly on my gaggle of heads despite serious stylistic differences between heads and separate, sometimes kinda complicated instructions for each. I received preview photos to approve faceups on more than one occasion and S_P got my faceups right on the first try! The heads shipped back quite rapidly and despite a bit of damage to the box and some earrings knocked loose the heads all look great!

      I would not hesitate to do business with Soft_Poison again. In fact, I am quite sure I will be commissioning her again for my next gaggle of heads!
    3. I commissioned a face-up. blushing, tattoo and piercing for one of my doll, by Soft_Poison.

      I am very positive, because everything went well.
      She worked fast, and kept me updated about everything she did, and was going to do.
      Very pleasant communication, and fast.
      He was packed well when she had sent him back to me.

      I would recommend to do business with her!
      Thanks again! :D
    4. I had a great transaction with Soft_Poison
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      paid quick and always replied me kindly
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!
    5. I commissioned a face up from Soft_Poison and could not be happier with the results! The face up first of all was perfect- it was exactly what I wanted. She also gave my boy perfect plugs and applied eyelashes for only a little bit more! She was a joy to work with, very kind, always responded promptly, gave me updates regularly- even when my boy came a little later because my mother sent the head snail male rather then ups- she still kindly understood and did the face up so quickly! She shipped promptly and he came in practically no time at all! I would absolutely work with her again! I HIGHLY recommend the wonderful Soft_Poison!