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Feedback for Sometimesusually

Mar 18, 2008

    1. Well, this is my feedback thread. Have at it?
      -Sometimes Usually
    2. Sometimesusually bought a doll head from me and everything went well :D Though i was sick and she paid quite some time, she was really understanding about it and waited till I was alright to send the item. :)
    3. sometimesusually sent me a Bobobie Apollo body. The transaction went very smoothly, no problems in communication, shipped quickly and arrived safely in the condition described with the hands and feet properly wrapped in bubble wrap. Thanks so much!
    4. Sometimesusually was a participant in my second group order run with For My Doll and the transaction went through without fail. Great with communication and swift with payments, I have no complaints and wouldn't mind doing business with her again at all.

      :clover Many thanks to you for being such a lovely participant! :clover