Feedback for somewheresunbear

Apr 16, 2018

    1. My feedback is all on the instagram transactionsbjd page. I'll ask people to leave feedback here if they buy from me on DoA.
    2. Sold a Lillycat Ninon to somewheresunbear and the transaction was great! Very nice, quick to pay and let me know right away when she arrived. Highly recommended. Thanks again!
    3. bought a doll from somewheresunbear and the transaction was perfect ..doll arrived and I am 100% very happy..thank you
    4. I sold a Darak C-Remy to somewheresunbear and the transaction was perfect from start to finish!

      She paid quickly and maintained great communication with me throughout. I would gladly do business with her again! :thumbup
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    5. Amazing customer, an absolute dream to work with. I recently painted two dolls from @somewheresunbear and she was communicative and clear.
    6. I traded my DoD Cham Byol beige for somewheresunbear’s Rap1993 Danni.

      She shipped the parcel very quick and packaged all safe.

      perfect all the way! I recommend her as a trade partner she’s a very lovely person very friendly <3

      And the doll is to die for <3
      Enjoy Byol, thank you so much!
    7. I sold a Ringdoll body with a layaway. They communicated well and paid on time and key me know when the package was received. A very pleasant transaction.
      Recommended buyer~