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Feedback for Somnambulist

Mar 15, 2008

    1. Hey everyone,

      please leave me feedback here for transactions done with me! All I ask is that if it's negative be mature about it. Thank you much ahead of time!

    2. Somnambulist purchased a doll's head from me, she paid promptly and maintained good communication throughout -- an overall positive experience. She's a good buyer. :D
    3. Somnambulist bought "Snake Punk Pants for SD Size" from me. Very positive, communicative, nice buyer to get along with, higly recommended.^^
    4. Somnambulist bought a pair of pants from me and she was so awesome! Paid right away and let me know as soon as they arrived. I totally recommend her to everyome! :D

      Thanks again!
    5. Somnambulist purchased a pair of white pants from me and paid right away, kept me updated through the whole transaction, let me know when they arrived too! Somnambulist is a highly recommended buyer, that I wouldn't hesitate to sell to again. Thank you!
    6. Sold her a vest. Paid quickly! Great transaction :) Thanks again!
    7. Somnambulist purchased a volks wig from me and everything went perfectly. Fast payment, great communication, very friendly. Definitely recommended!
    8. Somnambulist bought a wig from me and sent payment immediately! I highly recommend doing business with her.
    9. I sold several BJD outfits to Somnambulist.
      Everything was smooth and great. =)
      Great communication to prevent any trouble we could've got.
      I would love to do business with Somnambulist again!
    10. Sold a pile of clothes to Somnambulist and it was an excellent transaction. :)
      She requested a brief hold, stuck to her word, and paid promptly. Her articulate and polite communications couldn't have been better. :thumbup
    11. Sold a pair of IpleHouse cargo pants to Somnambulist a while back. Quick payment and friendly communication! A great buyer! <3
    12. I had a wonderful transaction with Somnambulist. I would definitely do business with her again! Thanks so much!
    13. Awesome buyer! She is sweet, and so understanding. She is stellar all the way! You needn't ever have a worry about Somnambulist. She's just great!
    14. Somnambulist bought some outfits from me, the trade was smooth. She is a very nice person, highly recommend her.
    15. Somnambulist bought some shirts from me and was a pleasure to work with! Her payment was quick and she was very kind. I'd do business with her anytime! :D
    16. Somnambulist was a participate in the first GO I've run on DoA. Fast payment, prompt pm's an pleasure to work with. Next GO I do I hope all my participates are as good
    17. I bought two wigs from Star and they are fabulous!!! She shipped them quickly and I just cant get over what a great deal she gave me, Thanks so much.

      DMM :kitty2
    18. I sold a Delf El to Somnambulist and she was truly a pleasure to work with! Her payments were timely and she was so sweet to talk to! This was during the September hurricanes in Texas and she was constantly checking in with me to see if I and my family were okay. What a sweetheart! <3
    19. Somnambulit participated in my GO, great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    20. Somnambulist bought a Pukisha from me on a layaway and she was super to deal with! Her communication was great and she paid on time! In fact, she aid early! I would love to work with her again!