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Feedback for Somnifer

Jul 17, 2010

    1. Hello there:)

      If you have had a transaction with me, please take a moment to leave your feedback here.

      Thanks very much!
    2. I sold some pants to somnifer. Communication was awesome, and quick payment. She let me know when the pants arrived! Thank you so much, would definitely do business with again! Great buyer!:D
    3. somnifer bought my outfit ^^
      It was perfect transaction.
      Smooth conversation, she paid very fast and let me know when it arrived :)
      Highly recommence for somnifer ><b
    4. Somnifer bought White Afternoon set and commission a frock coat from me.
      The communication is very smooth, the transaction is so fast and she gave me any details of commission work that made me easy to do.
      Highly recommend!
    5. Somnifer bought my supia rosy head! She paid very fast and the whole transaction was so great! Thank you Somnifer for such a nice deal experience!! Highly recommend !!
    6. Somnifer purchased Soom Chrom from me and it was one of
      the loveliest experiences I've had selling in the MP to date!!
      She is truly a wonderful person and I feel fortunate to have met her:D
      I am so very happy that my poor neglected Chrom found the home he

      Thank you so much again! And best wishes to you always.

      I highly recommend Somnifer as a buyer or seller here
    7. Somnifer purchased a Souldoll Double outfit from me for one of her girls. She was very patient as I attempted to find out exact sizing options since the doll she was purchasing for wasn't a Souldoll. She maintained excellent communication, and was super sweet to work with! :aheartbea When I had troubles at the post office (truly a traumatic experience) she was very understanding and waited patiently for the garment to arrive! Then sent me a note ASAP to let me know it arrived safely and a picture of it on her girl. It was an overall lovely transaction, I would recommend Somnifer to anyone as an excellent buyer and an excellent community member!

      Thank you!
    8. SUPER Feedback for Somnifer!!!
      Somnifer purchased a limited Vier4D outfit and a pair of limited Volks Boots from me.
      She was wonderful to deal with - great messaginga and super prompt payment!!
      AND she even let me know when the package safely arrived!!!
      Wonderful and friendly transaction!!!
      Thank You!!!
      Robyn_in_WA :)
    9. I sold some wigs and eyes to Somnifer. She was lovely to deal with. She paid promptly and let me know when everything arrived. I'm so happy everything worked for your girl! Thank you!
    10. Somnifer bought a doll body from me, and she communicated and paid promptly, let me know when the package arrived, and was delightful to deal with throughout the whole transaction -- thank you again! I can't wait to see how your girl turns out!

      -- A :D
    11. somnifer bought from me the Victorian Governess (blue dress). Everything in that trasaction was perfect!

      She was very communicative, kind, pleasant and friendly! She replayed for my PMs very fast, made a purchase without any problems and when she received the dress, she informed me and shown me her beautifull doll in that dress what makes me really happy! I absolutely recommend her as a buyer!

      Thank You very much, somnifer!
    12. Once again somnifer bought from me two dresses, which I customized for her. She was quick with replies to my PMs, super kind, polite and veeery friendly. Also she shown and described me the project in a clear way that I had the vision of the whole deresses in one second! The work with her - it was a pure pleasure, even when my sewing mashine stoped working she patiently wait whithout any problem.

      Finally, she made such a beautifull arrival of the dresses on her blog that I have no words to describe how deeply I am touched! I highly recommand her as a buyer!

      Thank You, very, very, very much, somnifer!