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Feedback for Sonne

Jan 12, 2012

    1. Here is my feedback thread.

    2. Sonne commissioned a few MSD sized clothing items from my shop. Sonne paid quickly, had great communication and was overall a pleasure to work with. A+! Thanks!
    3. I sold Sonne some undies in a wonderful, very pleasant transaction ^^ She asked questions very politely and was great to work with! Thanks much for bearing with what looks like a long trip in the post! Hope you enjoy them ^.^
    4. thanks for your commission!

      she was grate :)
    5. Sonne bought a Souldoll Might head from me. The transaction was excellent! Very polite, fast response, payment was fast too and she let me know when the items arrived! I would highly recommend her as a buyer! =)
    6. Sonne commission me to do face up for her boy. The whole transaction goes very well. Reply message and paid very quickly. It was a pleasure to do transaction with her. Thank you so much for everything !
    7. Sonne commissioned me for a DZ Mo face-up. Transaction was very smooth ^^/ Would be happy to work with her again!
    8. Sonne purchased an SD floral dress set from me in the MP. She paid very quickly and kindly let me know when it arrived safely overseas. Highly recommend this sweet buyer.
    9. Sonne purchased a few items from my shop. Sonne paid quickly, had great communication and was very friendly! A+ Thank you so much!
    10. Sonne commissioned two outfits from me. She's a great buyer, the communication was fast, she provided me with all the details I needed. She also let me know when her dresses arrived. I hightly recommend working with her. <3

      Sonne commissioned two dresses from me.
      Communication was excellent, Sonne is very kind and personally nice person.
      Payment was fast, when dress arrived to her - she immediately let me know about that.

      I recommended Sonne as buyer. :)
      Thank you dear!
    12. Sonne purchased a Volks School Head A from me and it was a perfect transaction in every way. Excellent communication, very quick to pay. Enjoyed chatting with and was quick to let me know the head had arrived safely. Would be glad to do business with her anytime. Excellent buyer.
    13. Sonne bought an outfit from me. She paid promptly and had excellent communication! Will not hesitate to deal with her again ^^
    14. I've just bought some Iplehouse boots from Sonne and they're great, just as photographed and described. Sonne was really helpful and it's been a brilliant transaction. Thank you so much! :)
    15. Sonne purchased a pair of IH hands from me, and it was a great deal, I'll be happy to deal with her again. =))
    16. Very positive!!
      I've bought nYID outfit to Sonne. She was very kind. The outfit was arrived very fast.
      Thank you so much!
    17. I bought a MSD size pink Dollheart Fer from Sonne. Communication was wonderful. The Fer is glorious. Sonne was kind enough to include some candy as a treat and that was a really sweet touch, no pun intended. I can't recommend her highly enough! Thank you!
    18. I bought a doll head from Sonne and the seller was fantastic from beginning to end. :) The communication was prompt, shipping quick and I got some tasty goodies added with the doll as well. :aheartbea I would love to deal with her again in the future!

      Thank you very much!