Feedback For Sophiesinister

Jan 30, 2017

    1. Thank you!! ^.^
    2. @SophieSinister bought Spiritdoll Stayne head from me. It was so smooth and pleasant transaction. I would be very happy to have a deal with Sophie in future.
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    3. Sophiesinister Brought a Dream of Doll Mr. W from me on layaway. Each payment was prompt and she let me know immediately when he arrived. Highly recommended buyer.
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    4. Sophiesinister Bought a Mr. W outfit from me and payment was made earlier than expected! Highly recommended buyer with great communication.
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    5. SophieSinister bought a withdoll Mai from me. The whole transaction was pleasant and the doll was payed off earlier than I expected . Very nice to deal with. I hope you enjoy your new boy <3
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    6. SophieSinister bought a Soom Romantic Amber from me and man she has been the best buyer I've ever worked with. She did a layaway for him and paid very quickly, she had him paid off well before our scheduled date. She was extremely kind and friendly and when Amber arrived with his ear broken in transit she was very understanding about it. I still feel bad about the ear, but Sophie's response was very gentle. I could not have asked for a better home for my Amber to go to and I hope he stays with her for a long time. <3

      Thank you very much, Sophie!
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    7. SophieSinister bought a Mnf Rendia full doll from me. I granted her a long layaway and her payments were all regular and always let me know when she made a payment. She's been communicative and friendly for the whole transaction, it has been nice dealing with her. Thank you <3
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    8. I sold a Supia Dreaming Rosy head to SophieSinister and the transaction went smoothly. She's friendly in her messages and quick in her payment, and kindly had let me know when the parcel got delivered. Excellent transaction overall! I highly recommend dealing with her! Thanks very much ^_^
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    9. Positive Transaction

      I sold a SD17 clothing lot to SophieSinister. Excellent transaction, communication was fast and friendly, payment was on time and I was updated when the package arrived. Highly recommended buyer, thanks!
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    10. SophieSinister bought a pair of Ringdoll jointed hands from me. It was a perfect transaction! She was super nice with quick and friendly replies. She paid promptly and let me know once the hands arrived.
      I highly recommend doing business with SophieSinister!

      Thank you very much! :aheartbea
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    11. @SophieSinister bought a Luts Kiwi head from me. They were polite in their messages, quick to pay and kindly let me know when the head arrived safely. Thank you for a quick and pleasant transaction :)
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    12. SophieSinister bought my Soom Hyperon on layaway. She paid on time and was pleasant to talk to. Would love to do business with her again. Thank you
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    13. Sophiesinister bought a Switch Waseon head from me on layaway and paid it off earlier than expected. Great buyer, thank you again!! :D
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    14. SophieSinister bought a SD17 Kiriko from me. She was fast in payment and very good on communication. I would highly recommend her, and I would do business with her again.

      Thank You,

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    15. I sold a Dollzone body to SophieSinister and everything went great! She paid right away and let me know when the body arrived. I would definitely sell to her again!
    16. Thank you for buying a doll (Cuprit - Black Frost)! Very nice and responsible buyer! I am very glad that my doll fell into good hands!
    17. A very pleasant and positive transaction with SophieSinister!

      They bought a Souldoll NL boy body from me.
      Communication was great, payment was prompt.
      I would definitely recommend them to future buyers and would happily do business with again if the chance arose.

      Thank you!
    18. Positive feedback! Quick payment, great communication. Thank you so much!
    19. SophieSinister purchased an Iplehouse Lee and Supia Noa from me on a long layaway :)

      She was always prompt with payments and kept me looped in when she was going to send the next one.

      Our conversations were always pleasant and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having such a relaxed sale with such a lovely lady!

      I really hope you love your new dolls and I can’t wait to see what you do with them! Will definitely hope we can meet again on the MP!
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    20. SophieSinister purchased a pair of eyes from me and it was a perfect transaction! I highly recommend her to any seller! :)