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Feedback for SoshiLovesSushi :D

Apr 22, 2010



      I have feedback also on DollyMarket with the same username ^^;
    2. I purchased a Littlefee Ante with default faceup from SoshiLovesSushi. The transaction generally went smooth, aside from some very defensive rudeness when I asked a question for clarification on the shipping date
      (question was neglected entirely, a polite re-PM of the same question was ignored). The Ante arrived very poorly packaged without a face protector or anything separating resin from resin bumping around inside Fairyland's cushioned pouch. Her eyelashes were crushed and there are three highly visible chips in the dafult faceup that were not mentioned in the sales thread. There were numerous small dirty spots on her body. Seems to be a clear-cut case of immature negligence. I would not deal with this user again.
    3. I bought a pet factory Ari Dalsoo with faceup from SoshiLovesSushi.

      Even though the above user found their transaction to be a bit bad. I have found my transaction with Soshi to be really good!

      I'll break it down into points:


      Communication was good, whenever I sent a question about the doll it didn't take more than 2 days for Soshi to respond. Given I myself sometimes go for 1 or 2 days without checking the forums, I'm generally fairly lax on responses to my PM's and I saw the communication here to be very good.


      Was fantastic, he was missing his tail and that was made clear in the sales thread but I've seen the same doll go in the marketplace for over $100. I paid around $95 WITH shipping to the UK!.


      As mentioned, shipping cost was very reasonable and it got here far faster than I'd imagine it would have!

      When it got here:

      The outerbox was immaculate which is unheard of with UK shipping MOST of the time. I'd have expected the corners of the box to be smushed but it wasn't.
      Inside was the company box surrounded by pink packing pellets and the company box was in very good condition!.

      Inside the company box were the 2 pillows which were also great and inside that, the doll was wrapped in bubble wrap very well.

      Once out of his bubble wrap cage I found that he was almost spotless! the faceup has absolutely no damage from what I can see and the only place he has a bit of dirt is on the side of his nose, which I can see will come off without trouble.

      All in all it was a very pleasant transaction and I am really happy with my doll.
    4. I bought a Pukipuki from Soshilovessushi. The doll was very safely packaged with bubble wrap around her body and was quickly shipped. Doll is in new condition and as described. Soshilovessushi gave me a tracking number also. Great buying experience.