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Feedback for Spacemachine

Jul 20, 2007

    1. I haven't had many transactions yet, but I do have SOME so I figured it was time for a feedback thread. :) Here's hoping it's all good.



      Banji from Joey!
      Elfdol Adel from Astrid
      Paying layaway on a Naripon from Cira
      And layaway on clothes from Daggerchan

    2. Reserved! I don't know what for, I'm hoping to have a lot more transactions I guess :D
    3. I´ve sold an Elfdoll Adel to SPACEMACHINE............... it was a really great and a little unusual transaction. Tracy lives in Canada and because of some special details I´ve sent the doll within Germany ... to her home ;) - so we safed a lot of money for shipping !! and she could held her new elf in her hands earlier!!!

      Hope Tracy will find more Tinies for her BJD-family :dance

    4. Spacemachine bought a buckload of Banjiclothes from me and the transaction was fantastic. We had great communication the whole time and the payments were regular and precise. I would definately recommend her! :D
    5. I bought a Banji wee doll from Spacemachine. The communication was great and the transaction went very smoothly. I love my new doll! She included some extra outfit pieces as that was a nice surprise.
    6. I bought some tiny clothes and the transaction went fabulously! The clothes fit my girl very well and arrived so quickly! Thanks! ^-^
    7. I bought some Dollmore Banji clothes from Spacemachine. The transaction was flawless and the communication was great. Now just gotta see if the outfit fits my boy :D
    8. Bought and very promptly received some Dollmore Banji outfits from the lovely Spacemachine. Communication was excellent, transaction flawless, little cover note in package was cute, and the extras were a lovely surprise (Thanks hun!). Would highly recommend. No more naked Moona :daisy
    9. Excellent seller. Disclosed everything clearly during the transaction, shipped promptly. Very friendly and easy to work with. The naripon I bought from her arrived well packaged, quickly, and in great condition!

    10. Great seller! excellent communication. Friendly and prompt with shipping. Eager to help figure out what happened (package got stuck in customs longer then it was supoused to at no fault to the seller or the buyer.) Very patient with my constant questions of "What happened?" XD Highly recommended!
    11. I bought some tiny ElfDoll parts from spacemachine. Everything went perfectly smooth, and very quickly. A delightful transaction! :sumomo:

      Thank you SO much, spacemachine!

      Sabrina :kitty2
    12. Bought some tiny clothes from spacemachine. It was a great transaction! Thanks! ^_^
    13. The clothes fit my Dollinian perfectly.That is amazing.The kiddle is as adorable as I remember them to be. My Violet loves it so.Thanks a million!
    14. i bought a wig from Tracy and the transaction was perfect, shipping was fast and i'm very happy with the wig, thankyou! :aheartbea
    15. I bought clothes from spacemachine in January and i just now recieved it. I thought the postoffice lost it so i contacted spacemachine after a month of not recieving it. She answered my PM's fast and she was very friendly. She even offered to send me something else in placement of the lost outfit. She is so sweet ! Alas the lost outfit came and customs held it for about 2 months. Throughout the whole time spacemachine was very well in touch and i had no worries throughout the transaction at all!

      Would gladly do business with again ! I Highly recommend !
    16. I purchased Kelly clothes for Puki from spacemachine, she shipped promptly, and safely, and kept me informed, definitly recommended :)
    17. Hi
      I bought and resived some puki clothes from spacemachine. She gave me diffrent kinds of pictures of the items...! ^__^ And shipped out pretty fast after payment. And this seller is really kind to she gave me refund for a payment accedentaly payed in euro. ^^;

      thank you spacemachine for exellent service!
    18. Bought a tiny clothing lot from spacemachine. She shipped very fast and the clothes were in good condition.

      Thank you!
    19. I bought some elfdoll tiny parts from Spacemachine and they arrived in quick time all the way from Canada to California :) Very nice transaction, super person! great communication... humm what else could I say??? Awesome!! LOL

      Ingie ;)
    20. I bought some items from Spacemachine, and had a very smooth transaction. I would not hesatate to buy from her again!