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Feedback for spamsama

Oct 23, 2006

    1. My eBay ID is spamsama.

      People I have bought from:
      Songblade - a shirt
      Voenne - a brown wig
      hello_sunshine - a can of MSC
      Mercy - a pair of V-Jeans
      nancy60304 - a pair of pants and a button down shirt
      lyn_r - Elfdoll Wu
      Cassiel - two wigs
      whitebread - SD hat
      poots-kin - a brown wig
      Smidge - Sd necklace and two bracelets
      crystalgirl - an SD jacket and SD skirt
      Bunnychan - green glass eyes
      St James/orangebabydoll - SD ring
      Creme Brulee - SD Hat
      sintex - SD guitar
      Bordercollie - NS Chiwoo Hands
      YohMoe - Green artist made eyes
      Leadora - MSD Lime shoes
      Weaker - Green glass eyes
      timchener - Army green SD t-shirt
      Ravendancer26.2 - Sweets!
      selphielu - Elfdoll Special K (layaway)
      animefigurekit - SD wig, purple acrylic eyes
      Mela - Juri 06 head
      bperry042 - commission WWII Bomber Jacket
      Tinybear - SD white wig
      Bern - Dollmore shoes, KStarr wig
      WolfeClaw - DoC Tender Too Body
      LordSesshoumaruSama - Red/Tan plaid pants
      ginarolo - Special Golden Brown eyes 16mm
      Ravendancer26.2 - Wii Remotes
      maudlincycle - Black MSD Skull shoes
      lovelovekitty - Elfdoll K head (ebay)

      People I have sold to:
      psyence - SD umbrella
      dope_hat - MSD guitar
      Baakay - Serendipity Valencia Head
      sharsachan - Serendipity Valencia Body (layaway)

      People I have traded with:
      comicbookartistboi - One 16mm green eyeball for a black MSD wig

      In process (buying):
      Lady Vincira - Buttons
      LordSesshoumaruSama - Blue SD Hoodie

      In process (selling):

      In process (trading):
    2. Spamsama is a wonderful person to deal with! :) She's super friendly and nice, and very quick with payment as well. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, and certainly be more than happy to deal with her again for sure! :D
    3. Very nice customer (as well as one of my first!), paid promptly, and kept communication, as well as providing me with a swell shot of her handsome boy wearing my humble hempwork! <3
    4. Thank you berry much for buying my doll clothes! :dance
      My berry first buyer! :D
      Very nice & friendly.
      AAA Grade Buyer! :thumbup
    5. A friendly and courteous buyer whom we at orangebabydolly will be happy to do business with again! Prompt payment and very good at communicating clearly. Thanks! :D
    6. Yaaay~ Spamsama~~~ 8D
      Think I was your first buyer? (^-^) A great person to deal with - very friendly and helpful :) Thankyou so much! :D!
    7. Sent quick payment, very nice ^^
    8. I bought a miniature guitar from spamsama. Everything went very smoothly and effeciently.
      I received the guitar today in perfect condition and Isi loves it!

      Thank you :3~
    9. spamsama was great to deal with!
      fast payment, nice emails, good communication.
      thank you so much ^^
    10. great buyer and paid as promised ^^ also a nice person
    11. Fabulous buyer! Paid right on time and is very nice.
    12. Spamsama paid quickly and has been easy to communicate with! Very recommended! :D
    13. I recently had a trade to Spamsama, and she was awesome. Such a sweetheart. :) I traded one green glass eye for a black fur wig :) Thanks Spamsama :D

      :: hug ::
    14. She bought the unpainted Wu I had last October and was a sweetheart to deal with. Would recommend her highly as a buyer. ^_^
    15. spamsama is amazing to work with. She made a purchase from me and due to my personal issues there was a severe delay in getting her eyes to her. She could not have been sweeter or more understanding. I couldn't find a better person to work with if I tried.
    16. spamsama is an amazing gem to work with! She paid immediately and was such a doll in keeping me in contact when the shirt I sold her arrived. So much love for her!
    17. ^^ Spamsama bought little candies from me. She's super awesome and a very patient buyer. Highy recommended.
    18. Spamsama sold me Gabe's sweet little head. I just love the little goof. It arrived all packed up snuggly with a special extra - a FUZZYBEAR that was immediately swiped by my younger daughter ;)

      Wonderful seller. :D
    19. Spamsama was so great to deal with! Great communication, easy to work with, and paid promptly! I will definitely hope to have future transactions with her! :)
    20. Spamsama was a really great buyer :) Really nice and everything went perfect! A big thanks you!