Feedback for Sparrk

Jun 24, 2020

    1. I have some dolls and accessories to sell, so please leave me feedback when we have a transaction.

      Thanks! :lol:
    2. Just finished a lovely transaction with Spark.
      I purchased a Fairyland Pukipuki Ante. Communication was excellent and the doll was sent fast and packed very well! I would purchase from her again! It was a pleasure!
    3. Flaky/Neutral

      I made a downpayment on a Fairyland Juri 2012 head Sparrk listed. We had discussed it prior, and she made it clear that she would prefer to sell to a buyer who could pay in full. She was selling solely for financial reasons, but did tell me that I would be 'first in line' if a buyer with the full amount did not come forward.

      She messaged me with her PayPal, I paid, and a few hours later she refunded the payment, telling me she had sold Juri to someone else. Now, her reasoning cannot be disputed. We have all had those times when we need money. I cannot leave this feedback honestly without making that clear. However, because Juri was already 'sold' to me with a downpayment before Sparrk revoked her, this was a flaky transaction.

      I cast no blame against Sparrk for going with a buyer who could pay in full in her time of need. She was good about refunding the downpayment and letting me know. In the future, I would still consider purchasing from her, as I believe her to be both an honest and pleasant person.
    4. Purchased Orange Tea Dolls Pollet from Sparrk and it was a wonderful transaction! Everything was just as described and she arrived quickly and expertly packed! I LOVE this doll and have Sparrk to thank! Would definitely buy from again!
    5. Very positive experience!

      I bought a Fairyland Juri12/2012 head from spark, and the whole interaction/transaction was wonderful. Sparrk was super helpful, since it was my first time purchasing something from den of angels, and using paypal.
      Sparrk was so lovely to communicate with and they responded fast and it was over all a nice and plesant exchange! The doll head was well packaged and arrived fast and safe.
      I would definitely buy from Sparrk again! :D
    6. I purchased a set of minifee hands from Sparrk and the transaction went very smooth. Hands arrived quickly with a nice note and a little charm. They fit on my doll well and I would be happy yo buy or sell with them in the future
    7. I bought a pair of Minifee high heel feet from Sparrk and it was a smooth and good transaction. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. Thank you!!
    8. bought a pair of heel feet from sparrk, and they arrived today well packaged and perfectly safe! Quick, prompt communication and very friendly. Thank you again!
    9. [ Positive Feedback ]

      Sparrk was an incredible individual to work with - painless buying experience and above and beyond professionalism throughout. Deeply appreciated during these uncertain times; especially with scamming being a concern in the BJD second-hand markets.