Feedback for SpellbinderDylu

Jan 3, 2017

    1. You can post here how much you love me
    2. Just finished a trade with Spellbinder, they were absolutely wonderful to deal with. The post, not so much. The post gave us trouble both ways but they remained patient through the whole ordeal, their communication was excellent through every step of it. The items arrived safely packed to me and they let me know once their half arrived safely.
    3. I sold a DD head to SpellbinderDylu and it was a wonderful transaction. Great communication and a joy to deal with.
      Great buyer.
    4. I sold a Snow Miku wig to them and they were a pleasure to work with; always replied swiftly, paid immediately and let me know when they received the wig.
      Perfect buyer and I highly recommend doing business with them! :)